Have you heard of the @Motorola_ca Defy™ Pro Smartphone

This phone has been labelled as rugged – something that a phone owned by a Mom needs to be, yet it looks sleek and sexy as far as this Mom is concerned! It is water, dust, and scratch resistant and has a high capacity battery so even the fully social media addicted Mom can carry on with her high tech day without worrying about losing her charge.

I learned something new when researching this phone. It has a QWERTY keyboard. I knew that meant it had the keyboard that is laid out like a traditional keyboard, but I wondered why it is called “QWERTY”. Do you know why? Thanks to good, old Wikipedia, “The name comes from the first six letters (keys) appearing in the top left letter row of the keyboard, read left to right: Q-W-E-R-T-Y.” Well that makes complete sense, doesn’t it?!

This phone also has a 5 mega pixel camera which will take amazing photos while on the go! You can share them via social media or transfer them to your computer, but either way, you don’t always have to carry your camera around with you to capture memories on the go.

If you are in the market for a new phone and you want to try an android smart phone – this phone is definitely an option that you should consider!

Since going from a dumb phone to a smart phone, I cannot tell you how my world has opened up! I also feel like part of the latest and greatest when it comes to cell phones. It is easier to keep in touch with my friends and it is so much easier to stay connected to my family, friends and my blog!

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