Could You Benefit from Better Sleep?

better sleep

Up until a couple of months ago, hubby and I had been sleeping on a very old mattress. I’m almost embarrassed to admit how old it was. But, when you’ve got a good thing, you tend to hang on and we held on tight to that mattress for many years more than we should have. I knew it was time to get a new mattress when there were rips in the sides, my body was uncomfortable each morning when I woke up and my body was craving better sleep! When I was introduced to the Leesa mattress, I wasn’t too … Continue reading

Are You Emergency Prepared in your Home?

Prepared for an Emergency

Do you know what to do in an emergency situation like a fire, earthquake, flood or ice storm? If stuck at home with your family, would you be able to make it 72 hours until help arrives? It may seem like a hypothetical situation, but considering Canada experienced 6,235 forest fires and 169 earthquakes in 2015, being emergency prepared is something that every household should consider. Including your children in the plan is important as well. Being emergency prepared may not only help your family in an emergency, but it may also help with the survival of friends and neighbours. … Continue reading

3 Steps to a CLEAN Stainless Dishwasher

Clean Stainless Dishwasher

This post about having a CLEAN Stainless Dishwasher is brought to you by Finish and The Co. Are you like me? As soon as you can smell Spring in the air, I get that “itch” or “cleaning bug” to Spring Clean my home, both inside and out. There is nothing more satisfying than knowing that every nook and cranny has been cleaned and organized. There are a few areas that sometimes suffer neglect and I am the first to admit that the inside of my dishwasher is one of those places. However, this is no longer the case for me … Continue reading

A 2 YEAR Supply of Printer Ink!

2 year printer ink supply with Epson ET 2550

I never used to go through a lot of printer ink. In fact, I could go well over a year without having to replace the ink cartridges. Then, I got a job with Norwex AND my children started to get older (yes, it happens!) and all of a sudden, I found myself having to replace cartridges sometimes on a monthly basis! This will no longer be the case. With the Epson Expression ALL-IN-ONE ET-2550 Printer with enough printer ink to last for up to 2 years! I will no longer be panicking the night before a Norwex presentation because I … Continue reading

FREE 2016 Planners

FREE 2016 planners

Who wants to be motivated, inspired and organized? I don’t know many people who would answer NO to any of those things mentioned above. Motivation and inspiration are two things that keep us going, whether we realize it or not. AND being organized helps us to manage our day-to-day lives, achieve our goals, help make our dreams come true and keep us sane throughout the process. We are all different and as different people, we all thrive best using different “systems” to keep our lives organized. Some people are “paper and pencil” types and some are digital peeps. Some people … Continue reading

How We Get Organized for the Holidays with Office 365

Get Organized for the Holidays

It’s time to start thinking about how we can get organized for the holidays so we can ENJOY the holidays with our family! There are so many things to think about like presents, get togethers, parties, decorations, cards, baking, outfits and more! For me, it can get rather overwhelming, so that is where I like to sit down and organize myself using Microsoft Office. I have used Word to help my parents put together their holiday card insert with photos of the grandchildren and a little message and I use Excel to organize all of my “To-Do” lists and Gift … Continue reading

Enjoy Your Coffee ONE Cup at a Time with a Keurig K200 {Giveaway} #KeurigColours

Keurig K200 Giveaway

Are you a coffee lover like I am? Me and coffee go WAY back! I still remember heading across the street from my high school to the local coffee shop and enjoying coffee triple-triple (yes, it was more like a dessert!) on my spares. It was a social thing at the time, more than it was the desire for caffeine (although that certainly helped). Over the years, while coffee certainly remains to be a social “thing” for me, it is more of a comfort and yes, I will admit…somewhat of a necessity. Because I work from home, and not in … Continue reading

Enjoy Clean Drinking Water Every Time!

Clean Drinking Water

We have used a few different methods for safe, clean drinking water in our home since we moved her over 11 years ago. There have been advantages and disadvantages to each method that we have tried, however what we have landed on in the end is pure drinking water, straight from the tap. Straight tap water has its ups and downs, but what I have learned is that Strauss Water can help us with those. I was first introduced to the Strauss WaterBar at the Green Living Show a few weeks ago. This past weekend, I had the privilege of … Continue reading

How to Get Rid of the Dust This Spring

dusting tip

It’s Spring! Are you as excited as I am? I love to open up the windows and let the fresh air flow into my home, but with that comes a lot of pollen which I need to stay on top of due to my seasonal allergies. Once the trees and flowers are in full bloom, unfortunately, my windows get closed up again to prevent the pollen from entering my home. Do you suffer from allergies? Learn How to Get Rid of the Dust This Spring Pollen and pollutants come into our homes on our feet, on our clothing and in … Continue reading

Let’s Put the FUN Back into Cleaning…Together!

Spring Cleaning Challenge

While some of you may say that you enjoy cleaning, the reality is, given the choice, wouldn’t you rather LIVE more? This month, I will be hosting a Spring Cleaning Challenge. I will be sharing some tips, some tricks and some fun challenges in a private group on Facebook throughout the month of April. If you would like to participate, please feel free to contact me to request an invite to the group. Everything is optional, this is simply meant to be a fun way to get some of those Spring cleaning tasks completed in your house while gaining new … Continue reading