Let’s Put the FUN Back into Cleaning…Together!

Spring Cleaning Challenge

While some of you may say that you enjoy cleaning, the reality is, given the choice, wouldn’t you rather LIVE more? This month, I will be hosting a Spring Cleaning Challenge. I will be sharing some tips, some tricks and some fun challenges in a private group on Facebook throughout the month of April.

If you would like to participate, please feel free to contact me to request an invite to the group. Everything is optional, this is simply meant to be a fun way to get some of those Spring cleaning tasks completed in your house while gaining new ideas from others at the same time.

Over the past few years, I have gradually been making a focus on GREENER products for my home and my family. This is a process and by no means am I as green as I can be yet, but I continue to make changes in my home on a regular basis. Because of this, I have decided to make a slightly greener focus on the blog. I respect the fact that this lifestyle is not for everyone, BUT you don’t have to change everything in order to live a greener life and to have a healthier and safer home. Even some small changes can make a HUGE difference for you and your family.

Because of this greener focus, I will ask that anyone who is interested in joining me for this challenge have an interest in learning how to use less chemicals in their homes.

SO…are you in? Are you up for a Spring Cleaning Challenge?

Are you wanting to learn how you can easily clean your home in a greener way this spring?

Join Us

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