How to Get Rid of the Dust This Spring

dusting tip

It’s Spring! Are you as excited as I am? I love to open up the windows and let the fresh air flow into my home, but with that comes a lot of pollen which I need to stay on top of due to my seasonal allergies. Once the trees and flowers are in full bloom, unfortunately, my windows get closed up again to prevent the pollen from entering my home. Do you suffer from allergies? Learn How to Get Rid of the Dust This Spring Pollen and pollutants come into our homes on our feet, on our clothing and in … Continue reading

FIRST Declutter THEN Clean with some HELP!

Basement Collage

As you likely have learned over the past month, I am in serious decluttering mode in my home! We have collected WAY too much “stuff” and it is time for me to sort and let go of the items that we no longer need. My biggest job is in my basement, as that is the place where items go when we don’t need regularly, daily access to them. Things have piled up too high down there and it is time for a serious PURGE! I can’t believe I’m about to show you these photos, but I guess the first step … Continue reading

How to DEEP Clean a GLASS Stovetop {Tuesday Tip}

cleaning your glass stovetop

About once a month, I get this crazy urge to clean. I don’t mean sweeping the floors, dusting and wiping the counters, I mean REALLY clean! Are there any other women out there who deep clean and organize their homes according to their menstrual cycle? It’s like clockwork around here for me. So, this weekend, I was wiping our glass stovetop when I noticed there was a slight (it was very slight) pile up or caked on crumbs in the corner. My AMAZING Envirocloth from Norwex couldn’t get the gunk out because it was right in the corner, so out … Continue reading

Loving My Clean Floors Thanks to the Bissell Multi-Surface Expert Vacuum

Bissell Multi-Surface Expert

When my husband and I first lived together, we rented a basement apartment. The majority of the floor space was carpeted and a vacuum became a necessity. My inlaws had recently purchased a Bissell vacuum and swore by it, so we did the same thing. I still remember the first test that we did with it by cleaning the floors with the little mini vacuum that we had and then seeing all of the dirt and dust being lifted out of the carpet right before our own eyes. It was the very first bagless vacuum that I had ever owned … Continue reading