Coffee Comes FIRST on Christmas Morning

Keurig Holiday Giveaway

Yes, you read that right! Coffee does come first…. after Santa’s gifts, of course! I do love my java and I find I have a hard time functioning in the morning without it, however I wouldn’t let my need for coffee first thing in the morning stop my children from opening their Santa gifts – just how coffee crazy do you think I am? However, I will admit to you that we do have a Christmas morning routine and it goes like this: Hubby goes downstairs, turns on the tree, turns on the Keurig machine and gets the camera ready. … Continue reading

Enjoy Your Coffee ONE Cup at a Time with a Keurig K200 {Giveaway} #KeurigColours

Keurig K200 Giveaway

Are you a coffee lover like I am? Me and coffee go WAY back! I still remember heading across the street from my high school to the local coffee shop and enjoying coffee triple-triple (yes, it was more like a dessert!) on my spares. It was a social thing at the time, more than it was the desire for caffeine (although that certainly helped). Over the years, while coffee certainly remains to be a social “thing” for me, it is more of a comfort and yes, I will admit…somewhat of a necessity. Because I work from home, and not in … Continue reading

Delicious Homemade Iced Coffee

Homemade Iced Coffee

On a hot summer day, or even at night when you are sitting outside enjoying the nice, beautiful summer weather, why not enjoy a refreshing Homemade Iced Coffee? I love brewing coffee with my Keurig coffee maker because each cup is freshly made and is fully brewed in seconds! You can serve it in a fun way with a fancy pitcher, a tray, some fun straws and I always like to add a bit of flare with fancy, shaped coffee ice cubes. Are you like me? I LOVE my coffee, but on the hot days of summer, I often crave … Continue reading

Enjoy Coffee with Kraft Keurig®* Compatible Pods #KraftMeACoffee

Kraft K cups

Have you tried the Keurig®* Compatible Pods? Maxwell House Keurig®*Compatible Pods Nabob Keurig®*Compatible Pods Gevalia Keurig®*Compatible Pods These pods are available at your local grocery store, in fact, I recently saw them at my local store in a HUGE display at the front: My favourite brand was the Gevalia Keurig®*Compatible Pods! I find it the smoothest out of all of them. It provides me with a deliciously rich, full-bodied cup (or cups, depending on how my night goes the night before) of coffee in the morning! The Gevalia Keurig®*Compatible Pods are available in two varieties: Dark House Blend and Dark … Continue reading

Coffee is Mommy’s “Happy Juice”! #KraftMeACoffee {Giveaway}

Gevalia K cups

My husband calls coffee “Mommy’s happy juice”. I completely understand why! Coffee is a HUGE part of my morning routine and if this Mommy goes without, it sets my day off to a bad start. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE the taste of coffee, but it is also the routine of sitting down to drink a hot cup of joe that I just can’t seem to go without.   Did you know that Kraft Canada has recently come out with new Kraft Keurig®*Compatible Pods?! There are three different brand options, each offering their own unique and delicious taste: Maxwell … Continue reading