Alcatel One Touch Idol 3

idol 3

Last week, hubby wrote up a review on the Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 phone. My favourite quote that he shared was that it was like a “family room in your pocket” thanks to its impressive stereo speakers and high definition display. I’m so excited to share a giveaway with you where you have a chance to win your very own! Here’s a question for you: at what age do you feel it is appropriate (in your opinion) for a child to have their own cell phone that works out of the home? This is an ongoing debate among parents … Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide from Mattel

Holiday Gift Guide

Have your children written their Dear Santa Letter yet? What items are at the top of their list? Every year, my kids get so excited to write their letters and mail them to Santa in hopes that he will reply. We always chat about the items that are high up on their wish list, but ever since they were wee ones, we encouraged them to ask Santa for a surprise so that they truly could be surprised AND sometimes, it makes it easier for Santa to do his job! He does have a super hard job, don’t you know? Over … Continue reading

Winter Car Seat Cover from Petit Coulou

car seat cover

While at the BabyTime Show this past November, I was introduced to some brands and products that I had never seen before. One amazing product that I came across was the winter car seat cover by Petit Coulou. To me, the most impressive feature of the winter car seat cover from Petit Coulou is the lateral rods that reinforce the structure and therefore avoids a sagging cover over top of your baby. More features of the winter car seat cover: Water repellent fabric protects infants from harsh weather. Snowsuit not required, this protective car seat cover for infants protects from … Continue reading

Coffee Comes FIRST on Christmas Morning

Keurig Holiday Giveaway

Yes, you read that right! Coffee does come first…. after Santa’s gifts, of course! I do love my java and I find I have a hard time functioning in the morning without it, however I wouldn’t let my need for coffee first thing in the morning stop my children from opening their Santa gifts – just how coffee crazy do you think I am? However, I will admit to you that we do have a Christmas morning routine and it goes like this: Hubby goes downstairs, turns on the tree, turns on the Keurig machine and gets the camera ready. … Continue reading

Holiday Clothing for Kids Giveaway

Little White Sneakers

Little White Sneakers Holiday Giveaway Have you planned your child’s holiday clothing yet? Kids grow SO fast and the holiday season is a quick one. Why not consider purchasing gently loved clothing, top quality kid clothing from Little White Sneakers. Better yet, I urge you to check out their site and then visit their Facebook Page to enter for your chance to win a $100 Gift Card to spend on your child’s holiday outfit (and perhaps a few other outfits at the same time!). Little White Sneakers $100 GC Giveaway! Prize: A $100 GC to spend at Little White Sneakers … Continue reading

Who Deserves QUALITY SLEEP This Holiday?

quality sleep

Once I became a parent (or perhaps even before that, more like when I was pregnant), I truly looked at sleep so much differently than I had before. QUALITY SLEEP truly is a GIFT! Wouldn’t you agree? I have always been a very light sleeper, but once I got married (snoring husband) and a mother (sleepless babies and children), I viewed sleep as such a gift. Quality sleep is so important and when I get it, I am so thankful. I wish all of you good quality sleep and hope that you will take advantage of entering this AMAZING giveaway … Continue reading

Back to School Nerves {Giveaway}

Ease Back to School Nerves

We had a lot of back to school nerves in our house this year! It wasn’t much different than last year, to be honest. The kids were worried about who their teacher would be, what friends would be in their class along with many other worries that are hard to handle when starting something new. Kids often have similar worries when they start up a new extracurricular activity. It is the fear of the unknown. Even though school is well under way this year, it takes some time to get settled and adjusted to the new surroundings, teacher, schedule etc. … Continue reading

A Must Have Parenting Book {Giveaway}

me epidemic

It is finally here! This year’s MUST HAVE Parenting Book has arrived on the shelves…. BIG NEWS….Are you in need of this MUST HAVE Parenting Book? The deadline to qualify for the 3 Free Coaching Webinars has been extended! Anyone who orders the book by Sunday, August 16 can join author Amy McCready for the following FREE Webinars: Allowance & Chores: The 5 BIG mistakes you could be making. The No-Rescue Policy for Consequences: How to raise kids who take personal responsibility. Gratitude & Empathy: How to raise more grateful and compassionate kids in an over-entitled world. Since posting a … Continue reading

5 Amazing Ways to Help Baby Sleep {Giveaway}

sleeping baby

YES! You will notice that all five suggestions to help baby sleep have one thing in common: a Zippy! This is NOT an exaggeration at all, every new parent MUST HAVE at least one ZipadeeZip in their collection right from the start because you never know when your baby is going to have difficulty getting to sleep OR staying asleep and this amazing contraption will HELP! 5 Amazing Ways to Help Baby Sleep: Swaddle Baby – Once your baby has moved past the swaddling stage OR if they wrestle out of their swaddle night after night, the ZipadeepZip aids the … Continue reading

Does Your Child Have A Lazy Eye? {Giveaway}

Nexcare Eye Patch

When I was a young child, I was diagnosed with having a lazy eye. I was in grade one when they first discovered this as my grade one teacher originally suspected that I might have had epilepsy. I couldn’t see the chalkboard and I would squint and widen my eyes in a unique manner that had her concerned. I was sent down to Sick Kids Hospital where they assessed me with the outcome of having amblyopia (a lazy eye). The treatment required me wearing an eye patch for many hours during the day, including during school hours. This had me … Continue reading