Make Playtime Happen Anytime and Anywhere

Playtime Anytime Anywhere

Play is such a huge part of growing, learning and developing. I believe that this is true at any age, from babies, all the way up through school-aged children. There are so many advantages to play-based learning including the development of social skills, fine motor skills and creativity, to name just a few. Playtime Anytime and Anywhere When you have a baby or toddler, it is so important to be able to bring playtime with you everywhere you go, including walks, car trips and shopping. This keeps baby entertained, distracted and happy! And we all know that a baby’s happiness … Continue reading

Back to School Nerves {Giveaway}

Ease Back to School Nerves

We had a lot of back to school nerves in our house this year! It wasn’t much different than last year, to be honest. The kids were worried about who their teacher would be, what friends would be in their class along with many other worries that are hard to handle when starting something new. Kids often have similar worries when they start up a new extracurricular activity. It is the fear of the unknown. Even though school is well under way this year, it takes some time to get settled and adjusted to the new surroundings, teacher, schedule etc. … Continue reading

Adventures with Thomas {Giveaway}


Shari from Knit Wit by Shair shares her adventures with boys and Thomas… I have 3 little boys, and while they all like playing together and being together, they each have different personalities. When going on an adventure, each one has a different idea of what an adventure means to them. My oldest has always felt like an adventure had to be something on a massive scale. Anything short of a very long drive, and going to do very new things is not an adventure in his books. I always have to pull a sense of adventure out of him, … Continue reading

Keep your Kids Entertained this Summer

HABA toys and games for kids

There are many different ways to keep your kids entertained this summer. On rainy days, children require many different options and this is where good quality toys can come into play. Alison, a Mom of two shares below her experiences with some of HABA’s newest toy options for babies and children. You can read more about Alison in our About Section. Quality toys that are durable, safe and fun are a top priority in our family. I particularly like HABA products overall because I am fond of wooden toys. There is something old-fashioned about wooden toys and I feel that … Continue reading