Valentine’s Day Gift Idea: Give an Experience {Gift Card Giveaway}

Valentine's Day Gift Idea

Experiences make great gifts, especially when you are giving to someone who has everything. Sharing an experience with your loved one is a special gift that will create memories for you to share together for a life time. Need a Valentine’s Day Gift Idea? Give an experience to your loved one this Valentine’s Day! Need help deciding what experience to give? You will definitely get a Valentine’s Day Gift Idea or three over at! After spending some time on the LifeExperiences site, I am impressed with the multitude of gift ideas and experiences that they have to offer. Consider … Continue reading

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

It’s no secret that I’m a coffee lover myself and happen to have quite a few friends who are coffee lovers as well! This led me to do a search on Amazon to see what unique gift ideas existed for people who enjoy a good cup of coffee (on a regular basis) and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are quite a few options. While a coffee lover always enjoys to receive a gift card to their favourite coffee place, there are so many other options to consider. Metal Coffee Lovers Signs – a wonderful addition to your … Continue reading

2016 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Supporting Small Businesses

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I love Valentine’s Day! While it is not a holiday that we have to celebrate, it is always a fun one and I tend to go all out with it in our home. Consider this post a Valentine’s Day Gift Guide with some great gift ideas that also support small businesses. For the kids, there are two great gift ideas that I would love to share with you along with many other Valentine’s Day activities: I’m a huge fan of Curiosity Box as a gift idea because it is the gift encourages creativity and keeps on giving! Choose from one … Continue reading

Holiday Gift Guide from Mattel

Holiday Gift Guide

Have your children written their Dear Santa Letter yet? What items are at the top of their list? Every year, my kids get so excited to write their letters and mail them to Santa in hopes that he will reply. We always chat about the items that are high up on their wish list, but ever since they were wee ones, we encouraged them to ask Santa for a surprise so that they truly could be surprised AND sometimes, it makes it easier for Santa to do his job! He does have a super hard job, don’t you know? Over … Continue reading

Give a Gift that Lasts this Holiday


Well over a year ago, a close girlfriend of mine and I had a very open conversation about birthday and holiday gifts. We both agreed that our children do not have a NEED for much, and we are so fortunate for that, however, in our society, we often feel a need to purchase physical gifts for one another. I shared with her what we do with my husband’s side of the family for birthdays and Christmas and we both agreed that it was something we wished more people would be open to thinking about. When her second daughter was born, … Continue reading

Spending Quality Time at Story Time!

A few months ago, my son received a subscription to Together Time Company, a subscription company that sends out a book each month with a cd. Each book also comes with a personalized inscription! Each month, you receive a gift that includes a book with a cd and you can download a free app that allows you to watch an animated song and story like this: Book time is fun time! It is also a great time for some one on one time with your child. My son got so excited each time we would go to the mailbox to … Continue reading

Knock Knock Banners – a great gift idea!

Knock Knock Banner Giveaway November

One of our featured Gifts on our Gift Ideas page are banners from Knock Knock Banners, a Canadian owned and operated business. The name “Knock Knock Banners” was inspired by the variety of knock-knock jokes that Helen’s husband, made and taught to Matteo, their son. I love reading stories of how small businesses began and Helen’s story is definitely worth reading. Visit her website and read her “About Us” section to learn more about her family and how her business began. A child’s name is so important! A child should be proud of their name. One way that you can … Continue reading

Knock Knock Door Banner Giveaway

Knock Knock Oct Giveaway

Knock Knock Banners offers beautiful personalized banners for babies, kids and adults. They have a variety of designs, themes and sizes for all occasions. Would your child love to see their name on their bedroom door? Knock Knock Banner’s custom Bedroom Door Banners are personalized with your child’s name and depending on the design their age, month and year of birth can be added. They are printed on lightweight material and are easily hung on any door. The colors will not fade and will last for years to come. These customized and personalized door banners are a very reasonable price … Continue reading