How to Make Learning Fun This Summer

Hot Wheels

During the summer, I always try to keep my boys learning. We focus on skills and work through some curriculum. However, I have to balance learning and fun, or I hear “Mom, you make summer boring”. I need to make learning fun this summer! While I will still be doing all of the curriculum and worksheets, there are many other ways to make learning fun this summer: Signing up for the Summer Reading Program through the Public Library. Each year they do a program that the kids get awards for the # of books they have read, and encourages them … Continue reading

DIY Hot Wheels Shelf {Giveaway}

Hot wheels car shelves

My Boy Lives Life In the Fast Lane When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I already had a boy, so I sort of new what to expect, but was not fully prepared for what would turn out to be my middle son! From the age of 5 months old, he was army crawling, at 7 months, he was cruising, and from the first time he rolled over he was after anything with wheels. I remember him army crawling to a Hot Wheels car that belonged to his brother, smacking his hand on it and pushing it back and … Continue reading

Thomas and Friends Giveaway

Thomas and Friends

When I was young we used to walk over to the Canadian Tire all the time and look at the toys while my Mom would buy things that she needed. One time, I saw a stuffed Dino (From The FlintStones) and it was about 3 feet tall, which at the time was as tall as I was. I happened to have money that I got for my birthday and it was the same amount as this Dino. My Mom let me buy it, but I had to carry it home. I swear it wasn’t heavy when I picked it up, … Continue reading

Do You Remember Your First Mattel Toys?

Mattel Toys

When sitting talking with hubby about plans for our shopping this holiday season, I realized I did not need to look very far for the latest and greatest toys of the year thanks to Mattel Toys? They had all the treasures that would cover everyone on my list, whether they were a baby or an older child. For that baby in my life Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Smart StagesTM Chair rocks. This seat blows my mind. I love that it is not just for play but also encourages learning. Geared for kids aged 12 months and up, this chair does … Continue reading

Gift Ideas for Preschoolers: Caillou Toys

Caillou Toys

I never really thought when I had kids that they would be watching what I watched when I was younger. Hearing familiar songs and catch phrases being sung from my kids makes me warm and fuzzy knowing I can relate to what they are watching. Can you believe Caillou is 25 years old? It doesn’t seem like that long ago I was watching him and now my little toddler is and loving every minute. Seeing him light up when he watches that little 4 year old Caillou who is just full of adventure makes me smile. His imagination can make … Continue reading

Get Ready! Get Set! It’s the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge Time! {GIVEAWAY}

Hot Wheels

I am a member of the Hot Wheels® Connector Club! My son LOVES to play with Hot Wheels cars and there is a world of imaginative possibilities with Hot Wheels play, so I’m a HUGE fan as well. Hot Wheels cars are a favourite in our house! They often come in the car in my son’s pockets. They are a great small toy for little hands. Building the tracks isn’t as difficult as I originally thought it would be!  I left to go to a Bridal Shower and when I returned, our entire first floor had been taken over by my … Continue reading

Quercetti Migoga Super Marble Run from @MastermindToys

Are you looking for a last minute gift idea that will be a hit with a young child on Christmas Day? I’ve got one for you! Quercetti Migoga 106 Piece Super Marble Run During the first couple of weeks of Kindergarten, my son would talk about a marble building toy in the Building Centre at school. At the school’s open house, I asked him to show it to me so that I understood exactly what his favourite toy had become. No wonder my son loves this toy! He can build it, use his imagination and creativity AND have a marble … Continue reading

My Son LOVES Playing #ImaginextAdventures

As a former Kindergarten teacher, I am always on the look out for good quality toys that encourage my children to use their imaginations and creativity! I am also not one for violent toys, so when I see a toy that meet all of these requirements, I jump on the opportunity! My son loves firefighters and police officers. Like many boys of his age, he wants to be a firefighter OR a police officer (he flips between the two and sometimes says both) when he grows up. Following his interest, I agreed to review the Imaginext Rescue City Centre. My … Continue reading

Stock Up on Your @Duracell Batteries before the Holiday Season! {#GIVEAWAY} #PGMom

If you have kids in your house over the Christmas holidays, Duracell will likely become your best friend when it comes to making sure that all of the battery powered toys are up and running for the children to enjoy! Introducing the Duracell Quantum In our house, hubby and I unpackage all toys prior to wrapping them, in order to avoid the stress of doing this when the children are super excited to play with their toy. We also ensure that all toys that require batteries have been loaded up with power (from Duracell, of course) and ready to go! … Continue reading

Celebrating 30 years of memories with #CabbagePatchKids #cpk30

I will NEVER forget the time leading up to the holiday season back in 1983……oh boy, this is making me sound old already! I was in grade three (did I just give my age away?!) and the new trendy toy was the Cabbage Patch Kid! The shelves were filled with these unique looking dolls and it seemed like everyone was getting one. I wanted a Cabbage Patch Kid Doll SO badly that year! In fact, I was so desperate to get my hands on one of those dolls, I announced to my parents that I was willing to use ALL … Continue reading