How to Protect Your Eyes During an Eclipse

I’ve been doing some reading on the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. With that research, I have wanted to learn more about solar eclipse eye protection! I thought it might be fun to learn about eclipses with my kiddos, so off to google I went! I wasn’t long into my research when I realized I should learn exactly what time the solar eclipse will effect Toronto. You can visit that website and put in where you live to learn what time the solar eclipse will take effect in your area. You might want to do this even if you aren’t planning on watching it, simply to be aware.


I encourage you to do your research on
solar eclipse eye protection too!

However, to get you started, I have looked into some options for you!

solar eclipse eye protection

Solar Eclipse Glasses

solar eclipse eye protection

Solar eclipse eye protection is extremely important!

Please do your own research before you feel comfortable participating in observing a solar eclipse!

This upcoming solar eclipse is a great opportunity for some fun summer learning and some quality family time. Even if you won’t be out to experience the solar eclipse on that day, it will be all over the news and people will be talking about it, so why not take the opportunity to educate your child, while having some fun, of course!

Solar Eclipse Activities for Children

This activity book sounds great! If you read the description, it includes education, activities and even word searches and it’s at a great price point too.

Solar Eclipse 2017 Complete Activity Book
solar eclipse eye protection

If you have Amazon Prime, you can order yours today and have it
well ahead of time of the solar eclipse.
See bottom of post to learn more.
I was brainstorming some ideas for what to do with the children on the day of the solar eclipse and I came up with the idea of going on a picnic. Now of course, we need to be extra prepared for this picnic, so I looked into solar eclipse eye protection and came across some great options!

One thing that I love to do is research! When I am going to purchase a new product, I enjoy researching all of my options! This inate need to research all possibilities drives my husband nuts, however most of the time, I do think it’s to his benefit! It means that when I make a purchase, I am not purchasing on a whim. I take the time to figure out my exact need, analyze in order of importance, investigate options, weigh pros and cons and then purchase.

Why am I talking about my love for researching prior to purchasing a product? Because lately I’ve been considering buying a beach blanket for our family.

Beach Blanket Options Researched by Multi-Testing Mommy

Beach Blanket Option 1solar eclipse eye protectionBeach Blanket Option 2solar eclipse eye protectionBeach Blanket Option 3solar eclipse eye protectionBeach Blanket Option 4solar eclipse eye protection

And if you’re looking for a more eye-appealing option, because that is important to you, I’m in love with this Mandala Beach Blanket

When my kids were younger, we had this adorable Melissa and Doug picnic set. If you have little ones, it is a great toy to bring along on a picnic so that they have something to occupy them WHILE you are sitting on your blanket and therefore they will be SITTING and not running off!

solar eclipse eye protection

Do you plan on experiencing the solar eclipse outside on August 21st?
Are you prepared?

As always, full disclosure is extremely important to me. I am an Amazon Affiliate. Amazon is a convenient way to do your online shopping from the convenience of your own home. If FREE SHIPPING is important to you, be sure to check out Amazon Prime as an opportunity.

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5 Responses to How to Protect Your Eyes During an Eclipse

  1. Carole D. says:

    I remember watching an eclipse as a child and we use diapositive slide to watch it.

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  3. kathy downey says:

    We never seen a thing here in Newfoundland!

  4. dmhaen says:

    I created a pinhole camera with a box to watch it. It was cool!

  5. kathy downey says:

    Guess i will have to wait for the next one !

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