How to Make Learning Fun This Summer

During the summer, I always try to keep my boys learning. We focus on skills and work through some curriculum. However, I have to balance learning and fun, or I hear “Mom, you make summer boring”. I need to make learning fun this summer!

While I will still be doing all of the curriculum and worksheets, there are many other ways to make learning fun this summer:

  1. Signing up for the Summer Reading Program through the Public Library. Each year they do a program that the kids get awards for the # of books they have read, and encourages them to keep reading during the summer.
  2. Taking them on day trips. Taking them to the Zoo, Science Center, Reptilia, and other places that they will enjoy but also helps them learn something.
  3. Joining the Hot Wheels® FUNdamentals program.

    The FUNdamentals Learning Program was created for kids in Kindergarden and Grade one. It helps them learn basic skills, including counting, colouring language, patterns etc. They have designed it for at home, and in the classroom, to work together to help the kids get the most out of the program, and comes with lesson plans for math, science, visual arts and language.
My middle son LOVES Hot Wheels®, so I know that this program will engage him in a way that will really get him excited to do work! He will love putting together their CityScape, and I will get him the activity book that I can download online. The lesson plans make planning very easy as all of the work is done for me.