Inspirational Women Live Out Loud

inspirational women

Have you ever been inspired by someone who has made the choice to live out loud? What do I mean by that? Let me give the example of the inspirational women who together wrote the new book Live Out Loud! Last week, I had the honour of attending the book launch for Live Out Loud the Sisterhood Folios. The energy in the room at the Spoke Club in King West Village, downtown Toronto was contagious. It would have been nearly impossible to have left that event without feeling inspired by the talented group of inspirational women who co-authored this book! … Continue reading

2016 Brings a New Me!

Amanda Gobatto

In 2015, I turned 40. I guess this means I need to change the “I am a 30-something year old Mom….” in my About Me section, don’t I? To me, age is just a number. I didn’t realize it at the beginning of the year, but somewhere in the spring of 2015, I learned that 2015 was going to be about change. A NEW ME. Motherhood had fully defined me for 10 years and I decided that I needed to make it a part of me instead of ALL of me. Last year, I: took my new job to a … Continue reading