BOOK REVIEW: Innately Good by Jan Denise

I requested a review copy of the book Innately Good by Jan Denise. I’m constantly trying to word things in such a way that my daughter has confidence in herself as she grows up. As a young child and even through high school, I had little confidence. I’m not sure if it was the way I was born or a product of my upbringing, but I am determined to provide my daughter with as much assistance in this area as possible. I know that how we say things as parents are taken to heart by our children and we have … Continue reading

BOOK REVIEW: The Power of Your Child’s Imagination

When I was offered a review copy of the book The Power of Your Child’s Imagination by Charlotte Reznick, I was thrilled because I needed some new strategies under my belt to help my daughter through this challenging time in her life. I am happy to say that I have gained strategies to use with her for this separation anxiety that she has been experiencing and then some. This book deals with specific issues such as: * Stress-induced headaches and stomach aches * Phobias, panic attacks, and social anxiety* Bed-wetting and sleepless nights * Separation anxiety and fear of the … Continue reading

Book Review: Simply Salad

I received a copy of Simply Salads by Jennifer Chandler for review. Not only did I get some great ideas for some different salads to make, but I also learned how to make my own croutons and salad dressings. I will never, ever buy croutons again! After learning from author Jennifer Chandler how simple it is to make my own, I will always do this instead of buying them. AND, no longer will my stale bread go in my green bin! From now on, whenever bread isn’t moldy but is past the fresh stage, I will follow the instructions in … Continue reading

Book Review: Baby Smarts

After studying my Bachelor’s Degree in Child Studies, I am especially interested in studies and discussion surrounding the early years and the importance of brain stimulation. Apparently, a baby’s brain is 250% times more active than that of an adult, that is just crazy! I am lucky in that I studied Child Studies, I’ve worked in daycares, I’ve done a ton of babysitting, I was a swim instructor, I taught piano to children and I taught Kindergarten. I’ve had many opportunities to learn games, songs, poems, etc. to do with young children. Having said that, I found that the book … Continue reading

Book Review: Complete Idiot’s Guide to Baby Names and Baby Sign Language

The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Baby Names Trying to pick a name for your baby can be such a difficult and time consuming task. There are many baby name books out there, bu the Complete Idiot’s Guide to Baby Names is a comprehensive book that provides you with a great selection of names to choose from. There is an alphabetized name list for each gender, including 40,000 names as well as numerous name lists including:• Movie/literary character names• Names from favorite children’s books and shows• Famous names (movie stars, pop stars, reality TV stars … and more)• Winners (Nobel, Pulitzer, … Continue reading

Info and Giveaway Contest: Power Moms

NOTE: This contest is now closed! Well, I’ve been lucky enough to host a giveaway for Chicken Soup for the Soul books for Mother’s Day and now, I’ve got one more new book to offer (two copies). This new book being released is about Stay at Home Moms and Work at Home Moms and is called Chicken Soup For The Soul: Power Moms! If you are in the New York area, feel free to check out the book launch on Friday, May 8 at 1pm at the Lincoln Center Barnes & Noble in New York. At the book launch, there … Continue reading

(closed) Giveaway: Books for Mother’s Day

NOTE: This contest is now closed! Mother’s Day is quickly approaching. I know that the majority of you guys reading this are Moms, but you could technically pass this info along to your hubbies, right? Here are some cute Mother’s Day craft ideas at Kids Craft Magazine. I subscribe to them in my reader and love their adorable ideas for crafts. Two books that are a great gift idea for Mom are: From borrowed outfits to goofy mannerisms, there is a time when most women must sheepishly admit, “I’m turning into my mother.” But while our uncanny connections can draw … Continue reading

Information: Dove Self-Esteem Fund

When my daughter was born in 2005, I made a promise to myself that I was going to do everything in my power to help her have self confidence as a girl and as a women and to feel as comfortable with her body and looks as she possibly could. I grew up in a family where my Mom didn’t exercise, my Dad was (and still is) and exercise fanatic and I constantly felt criticized for my body size (even when I was “skinny” in high school). My Dad constantly made comments about me dressing inappropriately or snacking on the … Continue reading

Book Review and Contest: The Gift Of The Christmas Cookie by Dandi D Mackall

Contest is now closed! Book: The Gift Of The Christmas CookieAuthor: Dandi D MackallIllustrator: Deborah Chabrian Description:This children’s story is written for ages four to seven. It tells a story of a family during the Depression. A young boy named Jack misses his father, who is away looking for work, and wants him to come home for Christmas. Jack discovers his Mother making cookies one day, a treat that they hadn’t enjoyed due to lack of finances. She is making the cookies for the needy people at their church. His Mother tells Jack a story of how people used to … Continue reading