Has Childrens’ Privacy Been Taken TOO Far?

Childrens' Privacy

Likely just by the title of this post, you will know where I stand on this matter, but I completely respect that everyone has their own unique situations and their own opinions and now is the time to share them!

Here is the background story on the privacy of childrens’ names…

My son is turning 5 in a few weeks and we are frantically (my fault, I know!) trying to put together a little birthday party for him. You see, up until now, we have celebrated his birthday with both sides of the family, but we have not yet held an official “kid party” for him. This is his lucky year!

In researching who he was going to invite, I thought the best place to start would be with his classroom teacher. I wrote her an email requesting a class list to be sent home. In the past, we always receive a class list of first names so that we can spell their names properly, teach our children how to recognize their classmates’ names and make them cards for events such as Valentine’s Day.

Not this year and there was a reason behind it.

Apparently our school board has made a new policy that class lists will not be distributed home in order to respect the privacy of the children.

I completely understand why last names won’t be shared, but first names? Really?!

Here is why I don’t understand it. While everyone has the right to their privacy, when you look at the situation and think about it, the class names are readily available anyhow.

Most children can recite their entire class list to you so it is just the spelling of the names you are unsure about. When parents go to the school on Parent Night, they will see all of the childrens’ names all over the place and if they wanted, they could easily compile a class list of their own! Teachers label everything including desks, cubbies, hooks, artwork and more!

My Question to You Is…
Does your school or school board have a policy like this?
What do you think about it?

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11 Responses to Has Childrens’ Privacy Been Taken TOO Far?

  1. I agree. Things are going a little too far. I think sometimes with these new policies, the decision makers lose perspective.

  2. Shari G says:

    I know last year we had to write my friend whenever sending anything in to the JK class. The teacher said it just made things easier for them as they could just grab one of each and put it in the mail bags and move on. I got that. In the grade 1 class we got got class lists. I had to ask for them though, and we didn’t get it until V-Day. So for Christmas I just sent in a bunch of bags.

  3. I agree. The way we did it, if my kid didn’t know a kids name then they didn’t come! lol! I always limited it to 5 so it wasn’t a big deal.

  4. Last year I got alist, but this year nothing has been sent….yet. I suppose there is still time. Lets not forget the class picture which lists every childs first and last name that gets sent home to every parent….so much for privacy!

  5. Dawn Trudeau says:

    I just received a list yesterday with all the names of the kids in my daughter’s kindergarten class for purpose of cards, invites, etc. I really don’t see how it infringes upon their privacy. No last names, addresses or telephone numbers.

  6. I’ve always received a list of all the children’s names on it (first and last) but then again my daughter is now 15. I’m sure what is happening now is happening at the primary school level. Such a shame that EVERYTHING in life (it seems) is just going too far. Very sad.

  7. I understand for names but first names? I think it is going to far!!! Happy Birthday for little one

  8. I do think that is a bit ridiculous Amanda. As you mentioned first names are everywhere in the school, pictures included! Our school doesn’t send home a list, but we too ask for them for spelling etc and we have always received it. Heck our school and all the other Catholic schools in the area, have a website where photos of students activities are posted. I personally do not have a problem with it.


  9. Kat E. says:

    We don’t have a policy like this (yet), but I can see how it started. I think first names would be fine though.

  10. I hear you i ran into the same problem last year in kindergarten when my son had his first kid party! Also you are not aloud to hand out invites at school. How do invite a kid if you don’t have the parents contact info? It is a little frustrating and overkill if you ask me.

  11. Victoria Ess says:

    Wow, I can’t believe first names aren’t allowed… I mean I get it from a “liability perspective” but it really makes no sense to me.

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