Back to School Shopping – Getting Prepared for Kindergarten!

Backpacks, lunch accessories,  hair accessories, sunscreen and more.  There is a huge list of items to get organized for back to school. Consequently, Kindergarten preparation can be overwhelming!

back to school tips for kindergarten

I have written an entire series about preparing your child for Kindergarten and what to pack for the first day. There is even a post about 5 things you can do to help a Kindergarten teacher.  After all, I did teach Kindergarten once.  Let me tell you, you have the ability to make a HUGE difference for a Kindergarten teacher by the choices you make! Imagine 30 children who don’t know what their backpack looks like, let alone be independent. I digress…..

One of the items in the list of 5 things for Kindergarten Preparation is to send your child with a bag of backup clothing.

Your child has likely been toilet trained for a couple of years now (or maybe not), however accidents happen! School is a whole new place with distractions and schedules. As well, there are more than just washroom accidents. Think food, water tables and more!

So, this is a reminder to include socks and underwear in your accident bag and be sure to read the post to learn what else you should consider including in that bag!

Is Kindergarten Preparation is getting you down? Do you have questions that need answered? I invite you to Join Our Parent Support Group. This is a groups specifically designed for Moms to support Moms with all of their parenting related questions.

If you have older children heading off to school, school preparation doesn’t get easier. It changes.  I’m not going to lie, I wonder if this InfinitiPro by Conair Bc7 Hot Ionic Straightening Brush will help my daughter get ready for school faster and with less stress! It probably will. What do you think? She’s a girl with LONG hair heading into grade 7 – wish us luck!

While Kindergarten preparation may be a thing of the past for you,

bigger ‘kids’ who are starting College or University away from home
do require preparation too.

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Good luck on the first day of school! Is your child getting excited?
Remember your child feeds off of your energy, so be sure to stay calm, at least until you say goodbye.

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  1. kathy downey says:

    Great tips i love the colors of those undies and socks !

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