What to Pack for the FIRST DAY of Kindergarten

What to Pack for Kindergarten
In many school boards, Kindergarten students are not required to bring ANYTHING to school as far as school supplies go! In fact, most teachers discourage it because they have specific tools they would like the children to use AND things go missing SO easily with little ones, which always brings tears. It is highly recommended to wait until your child goes to school to purchase any school supplies, as they should get a newsletter on the first day that will outline all expectations.
Extra Clothing

Having told you to WAIT to purchase school supplies, there are a few things that are a “MUST HAVE” for the first day of school.

What to Pack for the FIRST DAY of Kindergarten:

  • backpack – I highly recommend a regular sized backpack that will be large enough for all of your child’s belongings including lunch, water, snacks, extra clothing, school work etc.
  • water – make sure that you find a good quality, LEAK-PROOF water bottle that your child can open and close independently. I recommend that you avoid sending juice in bottles or juice boxes, as it spills easily and if they don’t finish it during their quick eating time, it will go to waste and you will never know! The last thing you want is an improperly closed juice bottle, spilled all over your child’s nice, new backpack.
  • snacks and lunch – be sure that your child has time to practise opening and closing all lunch bags and containers prior to going to school.
  • extra set of clothing – this should be packed in a sealed ziplock bag (so that it doesn’t get wet from water spills etc.) with their name on it. Even if your child is fully toilet trained, accidents to do happen. There are also water tables and other messy opportunities for your child in their classroom, so this is not just for washroom accidents.
  • indoor pair of shoes – be sure to label all footwear and clothing that gets sent to school. with their name. I recommend the rule of thumb, “If you want to see it returned home, be sure to label it.”
  • emergency card – on a thick piece of paper, in permanent marker, write down emergency contact information including your child’s name, your name, your cell, your home phone and address. Place this emergency card in a small resealable bag and put it in the front of your child’s backpack. You never know when this information might come in handy.

I’m not sure what new Kindergarten parent doesn’t feel mixed emotions at the start of school, but trust me when I say that after a month or two, it will be old hat! Even with the children that have the MOST challenging transition, by the end of September, 99.9% of them have settled in.

I know a few parents, who truly didn’t feel ready to send their child to Kindergarten, but sent them anyhow and realized quite quickly that it was the right decision. Most kids will flourish in the program and even if you think they aren’t ready, they are. They thrive on routine and social integration. It is difficult to let go, but sometimes the best decisions in life are the most difficult to make.

New Kindergarten Parents Support Group

Kindergarten Parent Support Group

Learn how to JOIN NOW by clicking on the image above!

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Don’t forget to get organized with LABELS from Oliver’s Labels by labelling everything that you send to school!
Label Everything

I am an Oliver’s Labels Agent.

If you have any questions about sending your child to Kindergarten, please feel free to Contact Me! I LOVE to talk to Kindergarten parents about their children and school!

Good luck and sending strength and hugs your way!

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27 Responses to What to Pack for the FIRST DAY of Kindergarten

  1. cole mckinnon says:

    Interesting. I wouldn’t be able to help myself from sending my little one to school without some supplies. Little ones to lose items they take to school, in fact, other little ones take items home that are not theirs. My granddaughters are prime examples of little ones who come home without a coat and backpack because they disappeared.

  2. Amy Lovell says:

    Thanks this is a great list! And now makes me want to check all our cups to make sure they are leak proof!

  3. Laurie P says:

    Great list, you covered it all! Took me back to my sons first day, 12 yrs ago. Another couple of years and I’ll be sending my baby girl off to her first day…

  4. DARLENE W says:

    Looking forward to my daughter’s happy dance as the grandkids head off to school, with her youngest being in SK it will be bitter sweet

  5. Cheryl says:

    Love your list and thank you for it. It’s SK for my oldest son this year.

  6. Nena Sinclair says:

    Great post! I’ll pass this onto my daughter, my grandson will be starting grade 1 in a few weeks 🙂

    • My son is starting grade 1 – they likely will ask for a few school supplies to be sent in, but I still recommend you wait to buy them until after the first day. To see a child’s face drop when you tell them that they cannot use the materials they brought in because there are different requirements is truly heart breaking for the child and the teacher 🙂

  7. MrDPrize says:

    that’s a good and helpful list

  8. Heidi C. says:

    This also works for my little guys heading to preschool! Thanks for the tips.

  9. ivan mckinnon says:

    Enjoyed the article and am glad our daughter and granddaughters are not starting school for the first time. It’s stressful for the child and the parents. Hopefully not stressful for the teachers.

  10. Aliya Scott says:

    Great article! Thanks for that. Didn’t think about the juice box spillage issue. And we just tested the opening/closing lunch boxes and bags a few days ago from a tip on one of your other posts. Lil guy thought it was great fun. Love your blog! 🙂

  11. DARLENE W says:

    extra clothes for sure and lots of smiles

  12. kathy downey says:

    These are amazing tips .

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  15. Priyanka Desai says:

    Thanks!Informative to new parents.

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