Product Review: Baby Bee Diaper Ointment

I was fortunate enough to receive a sample of Baby Bee Diaper Ointment by Burt’s Bees. I love my Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm, so I was super excited to try out something for Little Man. The vitamin E in the ointment nourishes while zinc oxide and beeswax create a natural barrier to keep baby’s bum as dry as possible. I really like the Diaper Ointment, especially the scent, however unfortunately we tried it out when Little Man was sporting a diaper rash and this didn’t help in getting rid of it. Once his rash was under control, however, this … Continue reading

Product Review: Piggy Paint

Finally, a non-toxic nail polish that is safe for kids (and adults alike). Piggy Paint is a nail polish that is non-toxic, water-based formula that is hypoallergenic and has a durable finish. It is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone. It comes in a variety of colours and dries quickly. The Mom who created this product makes three great suggestions on her website for how nail polish can actually be educational. It can allow for fine motor practice if you are willing to let your child paint their own nails (or yours if you’re super … Continue reading

Movie Review: Fly Me to the Moon

I had the opportunity to review the children’s movie: Fly Me to the Moon. I have to say that the animation technology in this movie was extremely impressive and quite “real”! The funny thing is that I didn’t even watch it in 3D as my eyes don’t allow me to see in 3D (you know those crazy pictures where an image should pop out at your after starring for a few minutes, yeah, can’t see them!). The movie is about some “tween” flies that stow away on Apollo 11. The movie tracks the flies’ adventures on the spaceship as well … Continue reading

Product Review and Poll: Canada Dry Green Tea Gingerale

My Canada Dry Green Tea Gingerale arrived for sampling just in time for me to try it with my daughter while we were testing out the Christmas cookies that we had just baked together. We were in need of a drink to accompany our cookies and the Canada Dry Green Tea Gingerale was a welcomed option! Here is my tea break with my daughter: I’ve tried to hook myself onto Green Tea as a healthier hot beverage alternative to my much needed coffee in the morning and truth be told, I just haven’t been successful. I find Green Tea to … Continue reading

Information: The Yummie Tummie

There are many cool “shapewear” products out there, but here is one that is slightly more unique. It’s called Yummie Tummie made by Heather Thomson, the celebrity stylist who has dressed Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy. Yummie Tummie, the first shapewear brand that is comfy, sexy, and meant to be seen will visibly slim, shape and smooth you. It’s the first shapewear on the market that is actually comfortable enough to wear all day and evening. Visit Eat Drink and Be Yummie for a full list of all your favorite overindulgences, rate your favorites, and upload new indulgences, find … Continue reading

Movie Review: Beethoven’s Big Break DVD

Scheduled to come out on DVD on December 26th, 2008 is the fun children’s movie: Beethoven’s Big Break. I had the opportunity to watch the movie prior to its release date. Although it’s a busy and crazy time of year, I somehow managed to watch this movie, in sections I will add, while I fed son. Movie SynopsisAlthough animal handler Eddie works with lots of creatures, he has a strict NO PETS ALLOWED policy and won’t let his son Billy keep adorable stray dog Beethoven and his family of puppies. But when dog-nappers steal the canine star of the movie … Continue reading

Product Review: Cover Plug

With the recent birth of my son, I’m finding myself becoming quickly reminded how we have become much more relaxed about the use of child safety products (in some areas) in our house. An example is that we leave the baby gate open most of the time now, except at night time. One thing that I never did give up on are the electrical plug outlets. The majority of outlets that are in sight are covered. We have tried a few different kinds and I have never been fully happy with any of them. Most of them are difficult to … Continue reading

Information: Dove Self-Esteem Fund

When my daughter was born in 2005, I made a promise to myself that I was going to do everything in my power to help her have self confidence as a girl and as a women and to feel as comfortable with her body and looks as she possibly could. I grew up in a family where my Mom didn’t exercise, my Dad was (and still is) and exercise fanatic and I constantly felt criticized for my body size (even when I was “skinny” in high school). My Dad constantly made comments about me dressing inappropriately or snacking on the … Continue reading

Product Review: The Belly Bandit

I found the most amazing invention out there for new Moms! It’s called the Belly Bandit. No matter what kind of body shape you had before you got pregnant, your body is certainly never the same after giving birth to your beautiful bundle of joy! That is where the Belly Bandit comes into play! The Belly Bandit is an abdominal compression wrap that helps to reduce the swelling of the uterus, decrease bloating caused by water retention, supports your legs & back and provides additional comfort and support for breast feeding moms. Of course, it isn’t a miracle worker, you … Continue reading

Book Review and Contest: The Gift Of The Christmas Cookie by Dandi D Mackall

Contest is now closed! Book: The Gift Of The Christmas CookieAuthor: Dandi D MackallIllustrator: Deborah Chabrian Description:This children’s story is written for ages four to seven. It tells a story of a family during the Depression. A young boy named Jack misses his father, who is away looking for work, and wants him to come home for Christmas. Jack discovers his Mother making cookies one day, a treat that they hadn’t enjoyed due to lack of finances. She is making the cookies for the needy people at their church. His Mother tells Jack a story of how people used to … Continue reading