Product Review and Poll: Canada Dry Green Tea Gingerale

My Canada Dry Green Tea Gingerale arrived for sampling just in time for me to try it with my daughter while we were testing out the Christmas cookies that we had just baked together. We were in need of a drink to accompany our cookies and the Canada Dry Green Tea Gingerale was a welcomed option!

Here is my tea break with my daughter:

I’ve tried to hook myself onto Green Tea as a healthier hot beverage alternative to my much needed coffee in the morning and truth be told, I just haven’t been successful. I find Green Tea to be a very unique and acquired taste.

However, the idea of Green Tea mixed with Gingerale was an intriguing option for me that I looked forward to trying and I am very glad that I did. Not that pop can ever be considered as healthy, but the addition of Green Tea to Gingerale was a very pleasant and unique taste with the added bonus of a small amount of antioxidant.

I enjoyed the light, refreshing taste as did my daughter (she only got a small amount, but man did she ever want more!).

Did you know that a recent poll showed that nearly one in two Canadians say tea time is out of date? I’m wondering what you think! Please take a moment to vote.

Do you take an afternoon tea break?
Yes, everyday!
Yes, sometimes.
A break?!? What’s that?
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Me? Break? What’s that?! Between getting my daughter down for a nap and then feeding and tending to Little Man, there really isn’t much of a break for me. If there is, it’s a fluke and I have just enough time to go pee and then I’m onto the next call of duty.

Do you prefer drinking hot or cold beverages?
Hot! Hook me up with my Java!
Hot! I need my tea.
Cold–definitely cool and refreshing.
No preference
It depends on my mood.
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As for me. It certainly depends on my mood. First thing in the morning, definitely hook me up with my hot cup of coffee..mmm…I do love my coffee. In the summer time or at meals, I love a cool beverage (I tend not to prefer cold).

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5 Responses to Product Review and Poll: Canada Dry Green Tea Gingerale

  1. nonna says:

    ok, i can’t answer your polls because, of course, none of the answers apply to me 🙂

    i HATE tea. i’ve tried and tried to like it, i really have, but it just doesn’t take. the only time i have ever been able to drink a glass is the way the english do it. hot tea with lots of milk and sugar.

    i do love coffee all day long. i usually drink several cups in the morning and at night.

    my cold beverage of choice is sweet acidophilus milk. it is only 1% but tastes like whole milk and has the good bacteria for your tummy too 🙂

  2. Haley-O says:

    You know me and TEA!!!!! I have serious issues with TEA!!!! WISH I could switch to green tea — instead of my sugar-laden chai. It’s a constant, seemingly-unattainable goal of mine….

    Have you tried lemon green tea? It’s quite lovely….

  3. Leanne says:

    I’m Irish so if you cut me tea would pour out. I’m a shipyard tea drinker. Very strong, little milk and no sugar. I do like my coffee as well though.

    I could never develop a taste for green tea either. Although some of the fruit infusions are nice.

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  5. Debbie White-Beattie says:

    I prefer cold drinks and I don’t like green tea either but maybe I’ll give Canada Dry with green tea a try.

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