REVIEW: Nutrition CD Jump with Jill

My family loves music!

Both my husband and I have musical backgrounds and both of us have a dream that our children will share that love with us.

Being a former Kindergarten teacher, I also have a secret love for children’s music. I love to sing and children’s songs are so easy to sing along to. Of course, I don’t listen to children’s music by choice unless my children are with me (just had to clarify that).

I am always super keen to hear new music that is made for children so when I was contacted about a cd called Get Me Goin’ (Jump with Jill), I “jumped” at the opportunity. This cd is all about nutrition which is something that I am also hyper aware of for my children as both my husband and I have “nutritional challenges”.

I feel that educating my children with regards to eating right and taking care of their bodies is something that is very important.

I am a firm believer that using music and song to teach children is highly effective. Children naturally love music. I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t enjoy singing or listening to music.

My daughter and I have danced and sang along to the Get Me Goin’ CD quite a few times now and we both enjoy it. It features a number of songs regarding a variety of nutritional topics. It also features a variety of musical genres so not every song sounds exactly the same as the previous one (something that can be common in some children’s music).

The music is catchy, is easy to sing along to and is fun.

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