Hot Wheels Giveaway

Hot Wheels Giveaway

If you would like to read more about Shari and her three boys, please feel free to visit her blog, The Knit Wit by Shair. Trying to come up with ways to connect with our kids can sometimes be a challenge. With three boys, I sometimes struggle with finding fun things we can do together, since I played with different types of toys when I was little. With Hot Wheels there are a few ways we are able to play together and connect. As winter is coming, it is easy to do these things inside and stay warm while really … Continue reading

Family Bike Adventures (Hot Wheels Helmet Giveaway)

Hot Wheels Helmet Giveaway

Shari from Knit Wit by Shair shares her adventures with boys and bikes… For most of my childhood we lived in an apartment building. Pretty much all year we were sent outside to play, and we would just run around in the parking lot, or play in the play area. There were tons of kids, and we all just played together. These days, our boys just play together outside usually playing different games in the back yard. But one of the things our boys look forward to the most as soon as the warm weather arrives are the family bike … Continue reading

DIY Hot Wheels Shelf {Giveaway}

Hot wheels car shelves

My Boy Lives Life In the Fast Lane When I was pregnant with my 2nd child, I already had a boy, so I sort of new what to expect, but was not fully prepared for what would turn out to be my middle son! From the age of 5 months old, he was army crawling, at 7 months, he was cruising, and from the first time he rolled over he was after anything with wheels. I remember him army crawling to a Hot Wheels car that belonged to his brother, smacking his hand on it and pushing it back and … Continue reading

Hot Wheels The Origin of Awesome Coming to Blu-ray and DVD {Giveaway}

Hot Wheels Origins of Awesome

Race, adventure and humour will definitely capture my son’s attention with this Bluray/DVD combo this fall (available September 30, 2014)! I’m loving the messages that are subtly included amongst the action including teamwork and friendship! My son will be thrilled to receive this DVD for his upcoming 6th Birthday! SYNOPSIS: In the sloooooowest town in the world, four lucky kids are about to discover that life is better…in the fast lane! Meet Gage, Wyatt, Brandon and Rhett. Kids born to ride. Separately, they are seriously skilled racers, but together they become TEAM HOT WHEELS(r)! When a mysterious black car roars … Continue reading

Get Ready! Get Set! It’s the Hot Wheels Track Builder Challenge Time! {GIVEAWAY}

Hot Wheels

I am a member of the Hot Wheels® Connector Club! My son LOVES to play with Hot Wheels cars and there is a world of imaginative possibilities with Hot Wheels play, so I’m a HUGE fan as well. Hot Wheels cars are a favourite in our house! They often come in the car in my son’s pockets. They are a great small toy for little hands. Building the tracks isn’t as difficult as I originally thought it would be!  I left to go to a Bridal Shower and when I returned, our entire first floor had been taken over by my … Continue reading