Do You Remember Your First Mattel Toys?

When sitting talking with hubby about plans for our shopping this holiday season, I realized I did not need to look very far for the latest and greatest toys of the year thanks to Mattel Toys? They had all the treasures that would cover everyone on my list, whether they were a baby or an older child.

Mattel Toys
For that baby in my life Fisher-Price® Laugh & Learn® Smart StagesTM Chair rocks. This seat blows my mind. I love that it is not just for play but also encourages learning. Geared for kids aged 12 months and up, this chair does it all and then some. This seat knows when baby sits and stands. It will sing songs and phrases and help teach your little one cause and affect. This chair features a light up remote they can press and a book that they can flip, delighting children as they hear about numbers, shapes and colours. As your child grows the  Smart StagesTM technology changes the learning so they are always engaged.  Three different settings and over 50+ sing-along songs, tunes and phrases makes this the top choice for the baby in my life.
Mattel Toys
Now on to my toddler. His new love is trucks and cars. He loves racing them down hills, off the table and down the stairs. This is one that I struggle with as they don’t feel so hot on my feet in the middle of the night. I am hoping my problems will be fixed with Fisher-Price® Little People® City Skyway. Standing at over 3 feet tall his little cars will be able to rip around and down the various ramps. You place the car at the top and watch your little one wait in anticipation as he waits to see which spot his car will come out, it is a surprise every time. With a crane, stop sign, gas pump and parking meter your toddlers play is taken one step further. I know what I will be playing with Christmas eve.
Mattel ToysMattel Toys
Now lastly on my list are two very special little girls. This is where I tend to splurge a little as I have two boys and miss all the pink frilly things. I am so excited for the Barbie collection that Mattel Toys has. They truly have it all covered with dolls, accessories, vehicles, houses and much more. I honestly can get lost at the toy store in the Barbie section looking at all the beautiful dolls. This year I am giving the stunning 2014 Holiday BarbieTM Doll and also the BarbieTM Life in the Dreamhouse – The Amaze ChaseTM Glam Camper!TM. I figure each year I can start a new tradition and pick them up the Holiday Barbie. They will be able to add to their collection for many years to come. The Glam Camper is perfect as they are always going camping and this encourages their imagination to replay their previous trips or also to help them “plan” new trips.

This holiday season, look no further as Mattel Toys have you covered. Available in many stores there are no worries about not finding the “Holiday Treasures” as they are everywhere. Head on out and take a look at various other items they have like Monster High, Thomas and of course many many Barbie items.
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6 Responses to Do You Remember Your First Mattel Toys?

  1. Victoria Ess says:

    Mattel is so great! I don’t remember my first toy but I had a heck of a collection of barbies.

  2. Jenn Erin L says:

    My nephew loves anything from Mattel!

  3. Holly says:

    I don’t remember my first mattel, but I still have a trunk full of all my old Barbies!

  4. kathy downey says:

    I don’t remember my first toy but I have a few Barbies from the early 60s

  5. Judy Cowan says:

    I had the Fisher Price Little People Barn & lots of Barbie items!

  6. Rogue_Femme says:

    I had Fisher Price Little People and the rotary telephone that dinged and rolled around.

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