REVIEW: Vital ID Bracelets

When I discovered that there was a company out there that sold ID Bands to children (specifically ones that weren’t disposable), I was super excited. I was even more happy to discover that they are a Canadian company! Vital ID offers a variety of Personal and Medical ID bracelets.

Vital ID was generous enough to send me samples of Child Safety ID Braclets, Kid Safe Club Safety Bracelet, and Kid Safety Travel ID Band.

Ever since my daughter has been able to walk and not ride in a stroller when we are out, I’ve tried to come up with a way of putting our personal information on her somewhere in case she gets lost (e.g. parents names, phone numbers, address etc.). We taught her at a very early age all of her personal information, but if she gets lost, I would be worried that she would be too upset to remember it properly.

Vital ID has solved all of my problems. Their Child Safety Bracelets are great because they are not disposable and they carry your vital information in a discreet manner. The bands are adjustable and are completely waterproof. The braclets fit children 3-9 years old. They are latex free, which is important for us and best of all, they are made right here in Canada!

The one time use Safety Bracelets are convenient to use when you are out and about with your child. They are disposible, but this has its advantages. They are sized perfectly to your child’s wrist. They are durable and they appeal to children with their adorable bear logo. These child safety bracelets feature the message “If I’m Lost – Look inside my wristband” on the outside of the band. Inside the band the message reads “Found me? Please call: (spaces for 2 emergency contacts)” These bracelets are perfect for a day at the zoo or an amusement park.

The kid safety “travel” bands can store a child’s name (optional), your hotel name / flight number, 2 x emergency contact numbers and a note on your child’s medical conditions or allergies. The bands read “If I’m Lost – Look Inside” in English, Spanish & French and therefore are useful in many different countries. The bands are 100% waterproof and are very durable. They are also disposable so you can update information, like a new hotel at any time.

My daughter recently tried out one of the bracelets when I took her to see Disney Princess on Ice. I knew that it can get quite crowded on the public transit system as well as at the venue and it certainly made me feel better to have her wear the bracelet. She also felt pretty special having a new bracelet to wear as well!

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