REVIEW: SoCozy Hair Products for Kids

With my daughter going off to JK, the natural breeding ground for lice, I have been particularly interested in hair products that are designed to repel the lice in a natural way. I cringe at the thought of lice. I cringe even more at the thought of having to put really nasty chemicals into my daughter’s hair if she gets lice (please cross your fingers that she doesn’t).

I recently discovered a company called So Cozy that makes products for children’s hair called Boo Lice Repel Products. The products contain no harsh chemicals and no parabens.

I received two mini samples (we’re talking the size of a quarter) from So Cozy to try out. Because they were so small, we were only able to get two uses out of them, but from what we used, we definitely did like them.

We tried out the Styling Cream and the Boo Shampoo.

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  1. Debbie White-Beattie says:

    Sometimes I feel like I’m from another planet because I don’t know about products etc. But these products are great especially the boo lice repel because kids are always needing it

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