REVIEW: Santa Cruz Organics

I was lucky enough to be contacted by someone representing Santa Cruz Organics again this year offering me samples of the four new flavours of Fruit Spreads and two new flavours of Fruit Sauces available.

We were offered to sample the Peanut Butter, but I did turn it down as my family has been spoiled by the more “artificially” flavoured peanut butters out there and therefore the pure, no added sugars and no artificial ingredients in the Santa Cruz Organics peanut butters aren’t an option for us.

Anyhow, let me tell you how much of a hit the Fruit Sauces are in our house. The kids just love them. They are the perfect size for lunches (if you aren’t participating in litterless lunches that is) and they are simply delish. I like the fact that each little fruit cup has 100% of your daily amount of vitamin C and no added sugars!

And the Fruit Spreads, OHHHHH the Fruit Spreads, they are so yummy! They are nice and thick and so scrumptious. We’ve had them on toast, on peanut butter sandwiches and even on crackers as a treat snack. The new flavours are so yummy.

Santa Cruz Organic Fruit Spread: Four new flavours– Strawberry, Apricot, Seedless Red Raspberry and Blackberry Pomegranate

Santa Cruz Organic Fruit Sauces: Apple Peach and Apple Tropical

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