Turbo FAST on NETFLIX #Giveaway #StreamTeam


We’ve had Netflix in our house now for just over a month and we are absolutely loving it. The kids are enjoying the new tv content, we are LOVING House of Cards and the whole family is enjoying the large variety of movies for our Family movie nights. I will add that I am loving House of Cards so much that when we have time when I’m not blogging at night, we are actually binge watching the show. The characters and story line keep me wanting to watch more and more. I find it difficult to only watch one episode … Continue reading

Newly Released Disney Movies Including Frozen on Blu ray


Have you seen the movie Frozen yet? I highly recommend you watch Frozen on Blu ray! My family saw Frozen when it was in theatres and I am glad that we did, because we all thoroughly enjoyed the movie. By the time we arrived home after watching the movie, hubby had purchased the entire sound track and we both had the music on our phones. As of today, a few of the classic songs from the movie are still on my daily play list and I have been known to belt out the song “Let it Go” in my house … Continue reading

Enjoy a Family Movie Night This March Break with @Netflix_CA #StreamTeam

Netflix Movies for Little Kids

One activity that our family LOVES to do together is to watch movies! We all look forward to our Family Movie Night on Saturday night! With it being March Break this week, I anticipate the children wanting to watch a few extra movies throughout the week.  I am ok with this because kids deserve some down time this week. First, we will bake some muffins together. Then, we will settle down on the couch in the family room to pick a family friendly movie. Here are some family friendly movies available on Netflix: From the above recommendations, we have seen: … Continue reading

10 Signs You NEED a Date Night

date night

Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom or a work at home mom – we are all in the same boat. We are busy, and we tend to put everyone elses needs before our own. Well, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee ladies! These are Signs YOU NEED A DATE NIGHT! Do you know how I know, because while you read the 10 reasons below, you may very well find yourselves chuckling along, or nodding your head. So, seriously – here are 10 signs you are in need of a date … Continue reading

Reading Magazines Made EASY with @NextIssueCanada

Today, I have a new app to share with you called Next Issue Canada. It has been featured on CBC.ca and TECHVIBES. This app is a monthly subscription (as low as 9.99 per month) that allows you access to over 100 popular magazines all in one place.   If one of your 2014 goals is to reduce your paper clutter, this app is definitely for you. I love reading magazines, but I always feel like I need to keep them and I never know where to put them when I haven’t finished reading one. With Next Issue Canada, they stay … Continue reading

Find Gift Ideas at the @ooak_toronto Show Nov. 28 – Dec. 8

Every year, the One of a Kind Show comes to Toronto and thousands of people flood the Direct Energy Building in Toronto to be a part of a show that is magical, fun and a place for one stop shopping for the holidays! I love attending the One of a Kind Show as it really helps to put me in the Holiday spirit and I love to see all of the hand made products and the amazing talents that exist! There are literally gifts for every member of your family and all of your friends at the show. I often … Continue reading

The Internship {Movie #GIVEAWAY}

Be sure to read hubby’s REVIEW of The Internship! He watched this movie one night while I was working away on the computer in the kitchen. I heard a few laughs from the family room, so I know he enjoyed it! IT’S GIVEAWAY TIME! Prize: 1 Blu-ray copy of The InternshipOpen to: Canadian Residents and US Residents (must be age of majority in place of residence) Entry-Form

Turbo DVD/Blu-ray #GIVEAWAY #TurboFastFun

The DVD/Blu-ray version of Turbo is hitting the store shelves on November 12th, just in time for holiday shopping! This would make an amazing movie choice for Family Movie Night, I cannot wait to watch it with the kids. When my son saw this movie, he immediately thought of cars and planes and said that this movie was a must see on his movie watch list! About TurboDirected by David Soren, Turbo is a comedy-adventure for the whole family to enjoy! Voice cast Ryan Reynolds, Paul Giamatti, Michael Peña, Snoop Dog, Maya Rudolph, Michelle Rodriguez and Samuel L. Jackson each … Continue reading

Disney Junior’s Princesses & Heroes #Contest #DisneyonIce

Did you know that Disney On Ice presents Princesses & Heroes show is coming to Rogers Centre in Toronto? Show Dates: December 20-29, 2013 My family absolutely LOVES attending the Disney on Ice shows! We are very blessed that we have had the opportunity to attend a few Disney on Ice shows and it has almost become a family tradition for us during the holidays. The shows are magical, exciting, entertaining and FUN for the whole family! Disney Junior is giving Disney fans a chance to travel to Toronto to experience Disney On Ice in person with their Princesses & … Continue reading

The #BabyTimeShow is coming to #Toronto Next Week! {#GIVEAWAY}

Last year, I attended the BabyTime Show and had an incredible time! My niece had just been born and I was in “baby mode” all over again. The truth is, I have a thing with babies! I LOVE them! Many years ago, I dreamt of becoming what I called a “baby nurse”. I now wonder if I might go after a dream of becoming a doula. I know that I can get my baby fix right now, though, by attending the BabyTime Show! This show is perfect for expectant parents, new parents and even parents of toddlers and preschoolers. There … Continue reading