10 Signs You NEED a Date Night

date night

Whether you are a working mom or a stay at home mom or a work at home mom – we are all in the same boat. We are busy, and we tend to put everyone elses needs before our own. Well, it is time to wake up and smell the coffee ladies!

These are Signs YOU NEED A DATE NIGHT!

Do you know how I know, because while you read the 10 reasons below, you may very well find yourselves chuckling along, or nodding your head. So, seriously – here are 10 signs you are in need of a date night, some serious one on one time, with your partner.

  1. You are so over your daily routine
    Every day is the same old routine. You wake up, get dressed, gets kids dressed, feed, clean, drop off, pick up, etc. You can fill in the blanks for how your daily routine typically plays out.
  2. Every day feels like Monday
    Admit it, it happens. Your routine is so monotonous that you don’t realize when the weekend has arrived. You don’t have something to look forward to, because lets face it, what is Saturday when you have young kids? It is definitely not the same Saturday when you were childless, right?
  3. You forget that your partner is not just your team mate – they are also your lover
    Sometimes we focus so much on the team aspect of marriage that we forget that we have a lover – that person that we married does not have to dwindle away and just become a team mate – they need to be your lover again. This is an important part of your relationship in order to keep it strong and it is so easy to let it slide.
  4. You sleep, eat, grocery shop, and go out in your yoga pants
    You forget what it is like to dress up and look nice for someone because all of your time is spent wiping messy hands and changing diapers. What is the point of dressing nice when it is just going to get splattered with food or wiped with messy little fingers right?
  5. You have nothing left to talk about but your kids
    When our children are our sole focus and we have nothing else going on, what else do we have to talk about.
  6. You are on the 4th season of a series (and you only started watching a week ago)
    Don’t get out much do you?
  7. The Last time you went to a movie was 2010
    It was probably a date you went on with your partner before you were married or had kids.
  8. You forgot that yoga pants are not acceptable restaurant attire
    Because you are used to chain restaurants where kids menus are standard, after all, who would want to take their young children to a more refined restaurant?
  9. You are envious of your empty nester friends
    I know that you do not regret your choice to be a parent, but on certain occasions do you find yourself admiring the freedom and frivolous lifestyle your childless friends enjoy?
  10. Finally…you just can’t remember the last time you went on a date
    Enough said.

If you found yourself nodding your head or going mmmm-hmmm to three or more of these, go on a date – soon! Don’t wait too long, or you will end up becoming resentful and emotional. Date nights are so important to the growth of any marriage – do it – do it now!

When was the last time you went OUT on a date with your partner?

Laura Paige-Hamelin

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5 Responses to 10 Signs You NEED a Date Night

  1. We make the effort to go out a few times a month but #6 is so me lol

  2. Lynda Noack- Cook says:

    I am stuck in all of the above mentioned, my husband is a mechanic so when he gets home he’s tired and on weekends he is on call for towing, so we never go out, plus the money is so tight since he is the only one working….but we are happy, it would be nice to go out tho

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    We’re definitely in need of a date night, and definitely in need of a reminder to have one. Thanks for that.

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