Canadian Content on Netflix #StreamTeam

Little Kid Canadian Content Netflix Shows

I always love to find new ways to teach my children about Canada, the country that we live in. There is all kinds of history that I would like them to learn (history that admittedly, I need to brush up on!), there are many famous Canadian people, a ton of beautiful hidden gems in Canadian geography AND there is some great Canadian television content! Why not snuggle up with your kids, grab a snack (perhaps some Maple Leaf Sugar Cookies and enjoy some good Canadian Content on Netflix together? All of the shows below were either filmed in Canada, take … Continue reading

Carving Out Some Time for ME with Summer TV #StreamTeam

Parenting is a 24/7 job, right?! Yes, this is true, but that doesn’t mean that we have to completely lose ourselves as individuals 24/7. One way that I love to chill and wind down is to watch tv with my hubby. We love to binge watch shows and currently, our favourite show to watch together is Orange is the New Black. We are well into Season 2 on Netflix and really enjoying it! I absolultely LOVE Netflix because it means that I don’t have to schedule my tv watching around shows, I can watch them at my own convenience. I … Continue reading

Turbo FAST on NETFLIX #Giveaway #StreamTeam


We’ve had Netflix in our house now for just over a month and we are absolutely loving it. The kids are enjoying the new tv content, we are LOVING House of Cards and the whole family is enjoying the large variety of movies for our Family movie nights. I will add that I am loving House of Cards so much that when we have time when I’m not blogging at night, we are actually binge watching the show. The characters and story line keep me wanting to watch more and more. I find it difficult to only watch one episode … Continue reading