Teaching Your Child About Safety

I have two young children aged two and six and teaching them how to be safe is very important to me. My husband and I have always said to both of our children that we love them very much, but safety comes before happiness! This makes our children upset sometimes, but it is the truth. If our kids aren’t safe, they can’t possibly be happy right? Do you disagree?

Now that my daughter is able to read (I am so lucky that she is a good little reader at such a young age!), it is very important to me that she knows all about as many safety signs as possible like Exit signs, Do Not Enter signs and various Warning signs in our house and out in our community.

From a very early age, I have pointed out signs wherever we go to both of my children so that they are aware of the environmental print around them. At the age of two, it is quite hilarious the store signs that he can read (both on the store signs, but even in the flyers of the newspaper). I point out store signs, exit signs, washroom signs, do not enter signs, warning signs and labels on various bottles (e.g. poisons) so that they are aware of their surroundings. Children will learn that text has meaning at a very young age if we model that for them.

We have done exercises where we have cut out words and signs out of flyers and magazines and made books and collages together. The kids have really enjoyed this activity!

Note: If you are ever looking for a place to purchase Safety Signs, you can go to www.safetysign.com/index.php where they have a HUGE selection of safety signs! You can even customize them with your own text, colours etc. SafetySign.com has signs from Do Not Enter Signs to No Loitering Signs to Guard Dog Signs. You name it, they have it!

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  1. You know we have a paper print out “No kids without Adult Accompaniment” sign hanging in the doorway to our basement. I’m seriously tempted to get a “real” one.

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