Decorating for Halloween {Giveaway}

This past weekend, my children and I decorated for Halloween. I absolutely LOVE to decorate for Halloween. The kids get SO excited and the fun decorations bring such joy and excitement into our home.
Happy Halloween
One of my favourite stores that make such fun and CUTE (because I’m not all about the scary side) decorations is Hallmark. Hallmark always has such a fun variety of decorations for every holiday.

While the children and I LOVE decorating for Halloween, I know my husband starts to cringe a wee bit inside. Halloween brings EXTRA excitement and noise to our home, which sometimes…..well, watch this to find out his reaction:

Don’t you think Tricks the Toe-tappin’ Treat Bag is adorable?

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What is your most favourite part of
decorating for Halloween?

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  • Lynda Cook

    This is a hard question because there is so many, but I’m going to have go with the video that is floating around on the internet, of the little toddler dressed as a minion, that is such an awesome and great costume!!

  • Gina Bell

    I always love whatever my boys wear. This year, my 5 year old will be the cutest Olaf ever! 😉

    • Oh yes, Olaf is going to be a popular one this year, I have no doubt. Can’t wait to see her costume!

  • Elizabeth J.

    I love the Jelly belly costume where you put on a clear trash bag and fill it with small colorful balloons and you look like a bag of jelly bellies. So cute and clever to me!

  • raynebow12

    a brother and sister that were dressed up as Raggedy Ann and Andy. They looked like living dolls! Well made costumes and makeup!

  • SueSueper

    I would have to say it would be a cook… took all kinds of crazy things from the kitchen and silly hair accessories. Was pretty cool.

  • Tracy Faris

    Gold Member ha ha ha!

  • Jeannie

    I have seen a brother dressed up as a cookie and his sister as a glass of milk.

  • Anna W

    I saw a child covered in purple balloons as a bunch of grapes. It was really neat.

  • Stephanie La Plante

    I saw a high school teacher dressed as a sumo wrestler.

  • UglyMummy

    my nephew dressed as noam chomsky

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  • Brandee H

    I think any homemade costume is fun and creative. A co-worker came as a Christmas tree with lights and everything one year. The kids loved it!

  • Juliee Fitze

    A guy with cereal boxes tied around his neck with knives in them – he was a cereal killer.

  • Edmond Leung


  • Darlene Schuller

    Last Halloween, a child wearing a cardboard box, dressed as a rubix cube!

  • kathy downey

    I seen parents made a bus for their child in a wheel chair

  • Lee-Ann

    A urinal – a guy I was friends with in high school.

  • suzquiz

    A dresser with the drawer pulled out & full of clothes

  • saskmom

    I saw a full body costume of Steve from Minecraft that I thought was pretty awesome!

  • Lori Bazan

    A child dressed up as an Oreo cookie and her friend as a glass of milk

  • elizamatt

    I always like the home made costumes best. I think the best I ever saw was a young boy dressed as a knight in shining armour – all made out of cardboard and silver sprayed dishcloths, even had a helmet with visor and a plume.

  • Carol Denny

    A tooth decay fairy.

  • Amy

    I like the little minion video too. It’s so cute and a great costume.

  • Julie G.

    Last year I had a girl come trick or treating as the Statue of Liberty. She had made the costume herself and it was fantastic – I gave her extra candy for her efforts!

  • Laurie P

    a dog dressed as a giant spider. Online and in person. Creepy.

  • Marie Catherine

    I went as a Christmas theme. Hubs went as Santa, friend as a elf and I was a reindeer. We would say merry Christmas

  • Surso S.

    my wife has a pic of her grandma as a paint brush and she was a can of paint both home made by her grandma

  • Linda B

    I have seen people decorate boxes to be television and remote control. Homemade costumes are great. Linda Bradshaw , teachinmomma123abc at yahoo dot com

  • Wendy Hutton

    kids dressed as Freddy Kruger I even knitted the sweater for them

  • Carole Dube

    I saw on pinterest how to make a lamb custume with cotton ball. It look awesome.

  • Amy

    A couple one was the plug and one was the outlet

  • fossie55

    Maybe the Devil costume
    Florence C

  • flowerchild23

    My best friend and I dressed up as conjoined twins.

  • EN Donnelly

    My son dressed as a Hot Dog Magician last year.
    Ridiculous but incredibly funny.