Tuesday Tip: Fill your Outdoor Urns NOW!

We shared a post last December with you about Adding Pizazz to Your Outdoor Decor. Outdoor urns can really add to the “curb appeal” of your home. The weather is starting to get colder FAST! Get out there this week and fill your outdoor urns before it gets too cold! While you’re out there, put up your holiday lights. You don’t need to turn them on just yet, but you’ll be thankful that you got them up before it gets so cold out there that you can’t feel your fingers! QUESTION:Do you use winter tires? We want to know! If … Continue reading

Tackle It Tuesday: MTM vs Xbox

Tackle It Tuesday is a theme that I have started to post about ANYTHING in life that I have “tackled” from Finding Healthy Recipes to Tackling Paperwork Organization. This week, I tackled my passion against video games……AND I admit that I was WRONG! Dear Hubby, You were right, I was wrong. There you go, I said it! It’s on record. It’s gone public. When you first met me, I was anti Video Games of any sort (I won’t get into all of the details as to why on here). I fought and fought against our family purchasing a console gaming … Continue reading

Tackle it Tuesday: Finding Healthy Recipes

I’ve often thought that “healthy recipes” didn’t taste as good as regular ones, but boy was I wrong! I’ve been on a hunt for some healthy recipes to make for myself and my family these past couple of weeks and I am happy to report that I have found some. As you may or may not know, I’ve been on a “Get Healthy” Challenge using the My Healthy Weight Action Plan on the Heart and Stroke Foundation website. You can read about my experience here and here. Here are some recipes that I’ve tried out in the last couple of … Continue reading

Tackle It Tuesday: Paperwork Organization (bills etc.)

Today’s “Tackle” is Paper. There seems to be paper everywhere. There’s newspapers, mail, school work, home drawings, receipts and more. I constantly struggle with paper organization. How long do you keep your paperwork like visa bills, insurance papers, tax folders etc.? Seriously, please leave me a comment and let me know. I want to know I’m not the only freak…or if I am! I keep the last seven years of tax purposes and I keep a few years of paperwork bills (although most of our bills are electronic now, thank goodness!). My hubby thinks I’m nuts for my paperwork files! … Continue reading