Tuesday Tip: Fill your Outdoor Urns NOW!

We shared a post last December with you about Adding Pizazz to Your Outdoor Decor.

Outdoor urns can really add to the “curb appeal” of your home.

The weather is starting to get colder FAST! Get out there this week and fill your outdoor urns before it gets too cold!

While you’re out there, put up your holiday lights. You don’t need to turn them on just yet, but you’ll be thankful that you got them up before it gets so cold out there that you can’t feel your fingers!

Do you use winter tires? We want to know!

If you do, consider getting them put on sooner rather than later to avoid long waits.

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One Response to Tuesday Tip: Fill your Outdoor Urns NOW!

  1. Victoria Ess says:

    Those are really festive! Great tip to put up the lights before it gets really cold.

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