Find Out Your Cardiovascular Age with a Tool from @ShopprsDrugMart #TreatYourHeart

Starting a few weeks ago now, I began an adventure to a NEW me! I am taking in information from many sources to help me gain knowledge on how to be healthy and how to live a healthy lifestyle. I am reading about Clean Eating, Protein Intake, various forms of exercise and more. I am getting to know my body so much better by spending some time focusing on me and my needs. It’s time to focus on being the best me I can be so that I can be there for my children and my family. Shoppers Drug Mart … Continue reading

My Kids Are Staying Healthy With @TreehouseVit Kid Supplements! {#Giveaway}

Treehouse Kid Supplements are made by Webber Naturals, a Canadian company, offering vitamin D (chewable and drops), multi-vitamins and vitamin C in the shapes of popular Treehouse TV characters Franklin and Friends and Max and Ruby. They also offer Omega 3 liquid and Probiotic powder as part of their complete line of supplements for children. Both of my children (5 and 8 years old) were jumping for joy when I opened the box of new supplements in the shape of well known Treehouse characters. My daughter is particularly picky when it comes to the taste of vitamins, so I wasn’t … Continue reading

The Healthy Shopper Helps Families Make Healthy Choices

The Healthy Shopper wants to remind us of the importance of watching for the “Scary 7” ingredients on food labels: Glucose-Fructose (High Fructose Corn Syrup)Artificial SweetenersMonosodium Glutamate (MSG)Artificial FlavoursTrans FatsArtificial Colours Artificial Preservatives Do you try to stay away from these? It can be challenging and that is why The Healthy Shopper, founded by Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky in 1999, helps and encourages Canadians to pursue and maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle by providing them with recommendations throughout the year as well as discounts on recommended products. The last set of recommendations had some great hits with my family! … Continue reading

Healthy Granola Bar Recipe

As many of you know, I have committed to a healthier lifestyle for myself starting in 2014. I have been on the look out for a healthy granola bar option for a long time now. I finally took a few ideas from here and there and came up with my own recipe. This recipe is easy and simply with NO added sugars, eggs or flour! Feel free to PIN THE RECIPE FOR LATER!The ingredients are oats, cinnamon, banana, almond milk (or milk), applesauce, vanilla and raisins (or other dried fruit or chocolate chips). These bars whip up in less than … Continue reading

The A to Z of Children’s Health: A Parent’s Guide from Birth to 10 Years {BOOK REVIEW}

In today’s hyper-connected world it is all too easy to turn to the internet for advice and information of all types including for health issues. As the parent of a toddler and someone who is a super-internet-user, I often turn to trusty Google when my little one isn’t feeling well to try to figure out what is wrong and what I should do (much to my husband’s chagrin!). While some of this information is helpful I am always cautious and a bit skeptical given that I don’t really know the source of the advice and if it can be trusted. … Continue reading

Two Products to Have on Hand During the Cold/Flu Season {#GIVEAWAY}

Some interesting finds were discovered during a recent health survey of Canadians conducted by the makers of Honeywell Air Purifiers and Vicks Humidifiers & Thermometers. Nearly half (43%) of Canadians suffer from airborne allergies, and in almost a quarter (22%) of homes at least two people are allergy-sufferers. The majority of Canadians (69%) estimate that having a sick child costs over C$20 a day, and 18% estimate that it costs over C$100! Most respondents (64%) indicated that fever scares them, and 70% of parents call the Healthline or doctor at least sometimes when their child is sick. I LOVE Dr. … Continue reading

Start the Year off Right with @GoodLifeFitness #ChekList {#GIVEAWAY}

Getting healthy and making healthy choices really needs to be a lifestyle change for me. Old habits are hard to break, but if I can create new, healthier habits and take the long and slow road to a healthier lifestyle, I believe that I can be successful. Two years ago, I embarked on a “Getting Healthy Together” journey, and many of you enjoyed reading my posts along the way. After six months in, I’m not sure what happened, but I gradually fell out of the new habits that I had created for myself and slowly fell back into the less … Continue reading

Give a Hope Knot in Support of @WomensBrains Research {#GIVEAWAY} {CHARITY}

Did you know that… Almost 70% of new Alzheimer’s sufferers will be women. Do you know someone who has suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease or any other disease that affects the functioning of the brain? I do – my maternal Grandmother. It was VERY hard to watch! I was in Grade 8 when my Grandmother passed away. At the end, she was in the hospital and she didn’t recognize any of us. I saw how it hurt my Mom – to have her own mother not know who she was! Because of my personal experience, I want to spread the message … Continue reading

Is that Rash Eczema?

I should have known.My baby had rashes at two weeks old, and I didn’t think it was eczema, even though my spouse had mild localized eczema. Why didn’t I suspect it was eczema? I was faithfully reading a piece of paper from the hospital that listed rashes as one of the items I SHOULD NOT be worried about. So being a mom of a baby with eczema, and having helped families with eczema children worldwide through my blog, I think helping families recognize eczema is an important step to controlling eczema, and treating it. Which Rash is Not EczemaThe … Continue reading