The Healthy Shopper Helps Families Make Healthy Choices

The Healthy Shopper wants to remind us of the importance of watching for the “Scary 7” ingredients on food labels:

Glucose-Fructose (High Fructose Corn Syrup)
Artificial Sweeteners
Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)
Artificial Flavours
Trans Fats
Artificial Colours
Artificial Preservatives

Do you try to stay away from these? It can be challenging and that is why The Healthy Shopper, founded by Randy Boyer and Andrea Donsky in 1999, helps and encourages Canadians to pursue and maintain a naturally healthy lifestyle by providing them with recommendations throughout the year as well as discounts on recommended products.

The last set of recommendations had some great hits with my family!

The biggest hit with my daughter was the Simply Natural’s Organic Ketchup.

Who else loves ketchup on their eggs and meatloaf?

The biggest hit with me were Pamela’s cake, pancake and bread mixes and the biggest hit with with my son were the Kiju’s all natural and organic juice boxes. Hubby liked the fact that we had been introduced to another all natural remedy for coughs and colds called Hyland’s Cold ‘n Cough 4Kids.

We were also introduced to Olympic Krema Greek Style Yogurt, Simply Natural’s Organic Mustards and North American Herb and Spice Company’s Oregano P73 oil and gelcaps.

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68 Responses to The Healthy Shopper Helps Families Make Healthy Choices

  1. Joann says:

    I definitely do avoid those scary ingredients as much as possible. I try to keep them out of my kids’ diets too. These are some awesome product choices. We love Simply Natural’s ketchup in this house! And I love the Healthy Shopper coupon book. Saving money on great, healthy products? Why not? 🙂

  2. YES! The coupon book is so wonderful, I agree!

  3. Jennifer Alger Morse says:

    Wow, this is awesome! I’ve never heard of it. Will definitely be looking into it more!

  4. Betty Spry says:

    I learned I need to drink lots more water.

  5. Christy Martin says:

    A half hour of stretching or walking is better than a half hour of nothing.

  6. Isn’t it awesome – they are right your alley!

  7. Dawn - Addicted to Recipes says:

    “Hot lemon drink”, water, a special bed made just for them, and cuddles, cuddles, cuddles.

  8. Anna W says:

    Start slow, I started exercising almost two months ago and it was so hard to even do 10 squats without getting winded. Now I am up to 35 without stopping! But it took me 2 months to get there but I am glad I did =)

  9. Elle says:

    Stop doing an exercise if you cannot keep proper form. Quality is more important than quantity.

  10. LaurKnotter says:

    I put Vicks on their chest and pump them full of liquids.

  11. selbys says:

    a heated blanket and all cuddled up on the couch really helps them feel better

  12. Mims Wilton says:

    lots of shower steam time for mommy and baby

  13. Viv Sluys says:

    We put Vicks Vapour rub on the kids for coughs. I make a hot honey and coconut oil drink for them if they have a sore throat. And of course lots of snuggles and stories!

  14. Tricia Hope says:

    I put vaporub on the soles of their feet,also and make sure they are never sockless

  15. Kerry DeKelver says:


  16. Betty Spry says:

    I learned Good life fitness allows you to join for a trial period

  17. Monique Shuell says:

    My daughter is 16 months, but has had her share of colds already. We keep the humidifier on for her, and let her sleep as much as possible. She usually gets over things pretty quickly.

  18. Amy Lovell says:

    I use vicks and helixia and plenty of cuddles and rest

  19. flowerchild23 says:

    I give them lots of popsicles or freezies and put vicks vapor rub on there chest and neck

  20. Yes humidifiers really do help! Especially for baby’s stuffy nose.

  21. I’m not sure my kids would go for that, but I certainly take it!

  22. I have heard this helps – I will have to remember to give it a try!

  23. We use Shea Butter for this trick, but yes, great tip!

  24. I’ve never heard of the onion trick – thanks for sharing. Interesting.

  25. ToCo says:

    They have one RIGHT by me!

  26. Winnie says:

    Going skating is great to stay active in the winter for cheap

  27. Nancy T says:

    Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated – something I really need to be better at. I need to cut down on my coffee and up my water.

  28. valerie darsigny says:

    homemade chicken noodle soup, lot of water, a blanket and a movie

  29. loriag says:

    I like to give anyone who is sick echinacea. It seems to shorten the length of colds. The only other tips are the same old, same olds, drink lots of fluids, wash hands often and get plenty of rest.

  30. natasha s. says:

    vicks, i always buy boogie wipes for their nose, and lots of cuddle time lol

  31. julie_bolduc says:

    Alway have Tylenol on hand because you U never know

  32. Fishieeeee says:

    There’s no GoodLife by my home =(

  33. Karrie Millheim says:

    I like to play music to really get me going on working out

  34. Tina says:

    lots of rest liquids and TLC and make sure the temperature does not rise If it does put a cool cloth on the forehead, back of the neck and feet to bring down the temperture

  35. beckydsl says:

    Just get out the door even if you don’t feel like it.

  36. Jaime Cummings says:

    Find a friend or relative whom you like and trust who also wants to establish a healthier lifestyle

  37. wwcd23 says:

    Use a humidifier and prop up head of bed

  38. Mihaela Day says:

    I learned I need to drink plenty water

  39. Jennifer says:

    popsicles are good for getting liquid in and keeping fevers down

  40. kathy downey says:


  41. Anna W says:

    My fitness tip is to take fish oils ( help burn fat) and a good multi vitamin too!

  42. Marina Mikhailova says:

    My tip is to go to the gym 4-5 times and don’t eat much sugar and carbs.

  43. Lisa K Hansen says:

    Lots of cuddles and I make popsicles with orange juice. They’re cool, have vitamin C and are fun to eat even when they’re sick.

  44. Suzi says:

    I learned that there is a Jillian Michaels Shred class that sounds tough but good.

  45. Leah says:

    lots of fluids and plenty of bed rest!

  46. Donnas says:

    Home-made chicken soup.

  47. Olivia @ This West Coast Mommy says:

    I use honey for coughs and lots of snuggles on the couch.

  48. Sweet Panda says:

    I simply get them to drink lots of water and sleep as much as possible

  49. Laperriere Marc says:

    love to win

  50. francine says:

    when my kids are sick I put down a big garbage bag next to their bed (or couch) and then put a bucket or small garbage bag on top of it (with a small bag in it.) this eliminates the need to run to the toilet to be sick and reduces the mess if it misses or splashes out of the bucket.
    I also have a sick table for them this includes klenex or a roll of toilet paper, baby wipes (for if you want something dry or damp to clean up) a couple extra garbage bags (so that a used sick bag doesn’t stink up the room and you don’t have to hunt for a new bag in a hurry) a cup of water (for rinsing), ginger ale, crackers, g2 for extra electrolytes… this way they have everything they need to stay as relaxed and comfortable as possible.

  51. Francine, I have a VERY similar set up when my kids get sick!

  52. Carole Dube says:

    Ginger All and vicks under their feet.

  53. janice budgell pollard says:

    Lots of fluids and extra cuddles… and disinfectant wipes.

  54. Adina Other says:

    prop the head of the bed up and put teatree oil on the vents

  55. Larissa Visscher says:

    i use a humidifier at nights and during naps to help with stuffy noses

  56. Susanne Smith McCarthy says:

    Flat gingerale soothes a sick tummy….small sips only!!

  57. melissa says:

    we like to up vitamin c and use honey

  58. archy0050 says:

    Vicks and humidifier! Lots of liquids and sleep!

  59. gizfarris says:

    When they are feeling their worse, keep them occupied.

  60. Midge K says:

    lots of liquids and love

  61. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says:

    I just put them in the baby carrier and give them extra snuggles. Or if they are older I put movies on and cuddle

  62. Katy Emanuel says:

    When my daughter is sick we give her a lemon balm and sage bath to help clear congestion and to help her get a good nights sleep

  63. Chantel McCutcheon says:

    When my daughter is sick, throwing up, raising the head of the bed, or propping her up on pillows helps with reflux. Soup & cuddling up in bed wi the to watch movies is always her favourite.

  64. Christy Martin says:

    Rest and lots of water to detox!

  65. jane kramer says:

    rub vicks under their feet for a sore throat

  66. Tara Gauthier says:

    vicks on the feet then put your socks on before you go to bed!

  67. Yuen Ch says:

    drink up!

  68. Victoria Ess says:

    Ooo I have connected with the on Facebook and I’m excited to hear about new products!

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