Stomach Flu and Kids – The Trick to Less Mess and More Sleep

stomach flu and kids

Do you struggle with keeping up with the mess when your child has the stomach flu? When you get woken up in the night with a combination of stomach flu and kids, do you find yourself walking around aimlessly not sure how to best handle the situation? This was me, until I came up with a system for dealing with the stomach flu and our family. It may sound pathetic, but it’s called survival! You see, when you have children who are prone to vomiting (not just because of the flu), you learn that a having a system in place … Continue reading

Reading Small Print Is Getting Harder!

Reading Fine Print

Reading small print is something that I’ve been struggling with for a little while now. However, I’ve always been so grateful for my vision. I’ve had a unique journey with regards to my eyes and staying on top of my eye health is very important to me. My journey started off at Sick Kids, feeling terrified while sitting in a long exam room. The result of that first visit was that I had to wear an eye patch to strengthen my weaker eye. Those were not fun times, although my Mom did help make it a bit more enjoyable by … Continue reading

Did You Know That Caffeine Intake is Directly Related to Eye Health?

healthy drink

Yes, you read that question properly. Last week, I learned that my caffeine intake is directly related to eye health. Who knew? I sure didn’t. Here is what happened… About a month ago, I started to notice that I was experiencing muscle spasms in one of my eyes. This was happening in my dominant eye, so when the spasms occur, it is very noticeable. At first, I didn’t think anything of it, but when it started happening on a daily basis, I began to wonder if something else was wrong. The final push that made me visit my eye doctor … Continue reading

Are You Getting Enough Vitamin D?

Yes, it is SPRING! BUT, just because the season has arrived doesn’t mean that we are getting the full amount of sunshine as our bodies require. Vitamin D is traditionally called the “sunshine vitamin”. In fact, according to the Orange Naturals blog, a large proportion of Canadians are actually deficient in vitamin D. Why are so many Canadians deficient in vitamin D?   It is possible that as a society, we are spending more time indoors than ever. Sun protection has also become a priority for many, which leads to people covering their skin with clothing to protect them from … Continue reading

Tips for Making Your Child’s First Dental Visit a Success

First Dental Visit

Have you taken your child for their first dental visit yet? April is Oral Health Month: focus on your teeth and your oral health! Did you know… there is a direct correlation to a healthy mouth and overall health? For toddlers and preschoolers, this is a good time in your child’s life to build habits that will protect the teeth and lay the foundation for future health. Both of my children showed signs of general anxiety quite early on in their lives. It started off as separation anxiety, but also turned into stranger anxiety and more in certain circumstances. I … Continue reading

Know HOW You Can Help BEFORE a Heart Attack Happens

common signs of a heart attack

Recently, I have had some more difficult conversations with my parents. The need for these conversations became apparent after we lost my father in law last year. Sometimes it takes a life event (like a death in the family) to make you realize that there are certain conversations you would rather have sooner rather than later. While most of these talks that I have had with my parents over the past couple of months have surrounded around the topic of getting finances in order, the topic of old age and health has also been prevalent. Having The Talk with a … Continue reading

Bedwetting Troubles?

Bedwetting Troubles

Does your older child continue to suffer from bedwetting troubles? Did you know that this can be common in children right through to the age of ten, and in some cases beyond. Bedwetting is definitely a “hidden secret” that is more common than we realize and because people keep it secret, many children can end up feeling embarrassed or ashamed. In our home, we try our best to keep the topic of bedwetting low key in order to reduce any feelings of embarrassment. There are a few strategies that you can try in order to reduce the occurance of bedwetting … Continue reading

MagPop: a Healthy Drink

healthy drink

One of my 2016 goals is to start my day with a mug full of warm water and lemon. This is a hard change for me to make because while I drink quite a bit of water, the only other drink that I typically drink is coffee. In fact, other than coffee (which I admit, I do drink quite a bit of) and the occasional tea, water is my drink of choice. Sometimes, however, it is nice to enjoy a sweeter treat, but so many of the beverage options out there are not good for you. This is why I’m … Continue reading

How to Manage Holiday Stress

reducing holiday stress

Between the baking, the shopping, the wrapping, the cleaning, the cooking, the entertaining and more, the holiday time can often be rather overwhelming both on our emotional and physical well-being. Holiday stress can come in so many different forms including fatigue, illness, anxiety and more. Many of us have a difficult time learning how to manage holiday stress. This Christmas, my family traveled from the 23rd until the 27th. The kids were out of routine (sleep, eating etc.), as were hubby and I and while we truly enjoyed visiting with family, our time away definitely did take its toll on … Continue reading

Thank You, Mom!

Thank you Mom

Brought to you by Tylenol and TheCo. Whether it was headaches, an achy tummy or a sore throat, my Mom was always there to take care of me when I was a child. I remember when I would stay home from school sick and I would lie in bed all day. My Mom would give me an old metal bell to ring whenever I needed her to make it easy to get her attention. She would bring me special drinks, a cold cloth and would take care of me as much as I needed her. She held my hair back … Continue reading