Need New Eyeglasses?! Try out @Firmoo

Did you know that, the global online Optical Store offers first time customers FREE glasses?! You simply need to pay the shipping! When I ordered a pair of glasses from Firmoo, I was impressed with how quickly they arrived at my doorstep, considering they came from overseas! AND they were so well packaged in a nice box too! Firmoo has such a nice selection of frames to choose from AND they have a very helpful application that allows you to upload your photo and see exactly what a pair of glasses will look like prior to purchasing. I love … Continue reading

A Holiday Survival Kit for Mom from @PGInsider {G!VEAWAY} #PGMom

The holidays are definitely a special time for us all, but they can also be rather hectic and busy too. Multi-Testing Mommy would like to suggest that all you Moms out there take a bit of time for yourselves so that you can be the best Moms you can be! You have to take care of #1 in order to take care of the rest of the family, right? P&G Can Help You Feel Beautiful Playing hostess is always a bit demanding, especially during the holidays. Between planning a festive feast and decking your halls, remember to take some time … Continue reading

Align ~ a Probiotic Made Specifically for People Suffering from IBS

Do you suffer from IBS? Irritable Bowel Syndrome affects many people and often it flares up more than usual around the holidays due to stress and diet. I have suffered from IBS since I was a teen and back then, when I was at my worst, I only wish there was a natural, simple way like taking Align to help ease my symptoms! What is Align?It is a daily probiotic supplement that provides live bacteria to benefit health and to relieve and manage symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Taking Align once a day, every day provides probiotic bacteria that … Continue reading

Excited to be a #PGMom

I am truly honoured to be a P&GMom. Being a P&GMom means I am provided with many opportunities to sample different P&G Brands and Products. P&G allows me the freedom to pick and choose which products I share with you, so please know that all of my reviews and posts, as always, come right from my heart and are in no way influenced by the company itself. I also want to acknowledge up front that we like to discuss a variety of options and products for our readers and we know that everyone will make their own choices for what … Continue reading

Gift Suggestion: Norwex MEDITERRANEAN Organic Olive Oil Salt Scrub

For those of you who have been followers for a while, you will know that I am a HUGE Norwex fan! My favourite product from Norwex is their Enviro cleaning cloths! I have been using them for well over a year now and I am sold! Recently, @_GreenMandy had me branch out and try the Norwex MEDITERRANEAN Organic Olive Oil Salt Scrub! This product retails for $39.99 and comes in a 420 ml tubwith a 60-day warranty!Mandy suggested that I try it on my legs prior to shaving and let me tell you, she was totally right! I have never … Continue reading

Stocking Stuffer Idea: Clearasil StayClear Daily Exfoliating Scrub

I have been using the Clearasil StayClear Daily Exfoliating Scrub every day in the shower for the past couple of months. It has got to be one of my favourite Clearasil products by far! I love how it makes my face feel clean and refreshed every single morning! The exfoliating scrub feels gentle on my skin, but it is works just well enough that my skin feels refreshed (more than when I use regular daily facial wash). The light scent is just perfect to help wake me up in the morning! The tube is perfect for the shower because it … Continue reading

Norwex Hooded Baby Bath Towel

This post was written by Alison, a new Mom. Being a first time Mom I have been so lucky to have received so many wonderful gifts. We have been given over ten different bath wrap/towels for our daughter and I happily have been cycling through a different one each week to find the one that our daughter and I like best. I have to admit that I am often drawn to patterns and colours before considering the practical aspect of a product. I was recently given a Norwex Baby Hooded Towel Set and was excited to wash and use it … Continue reading

Keep Gravol® Natural Source® Multi-Symptom® on Hand this Winter!

Made with ginger and willow bark. Used for the prevention and treatment of nausea, pain relief and fever Gravol® has been a trusted brand in our house for as long as I can remember. I am very excited to share with you that Gravol® has now venutured into the more natural and holisitic remedies. One of their creations is Gravol® Natural Source® Multi-Symptom®, an all-in-one antinauseant, pain reliever and fever reducer. When preparing for the winter months ahead, I always ensure that my medicine cupboard is fully stocked. Now, it is stocked with a more natural version of Gravol for … Continue reading

Amazing Hair Products for All Types of Hair from @LiveClean {REVI!EW}

Did you know that Live Clean has over 30 different hair care products? I was sent the Live Clean Healthy Balance Shampoo and Conditioner along with Purple jewel – wave enhance defining mousse and Live Clean Professional Damage Therapy Split End Cream to help me get my hair into top notch condition!Live Clean Healthy Balance Shampoo and Conditioner ideal for all hair types is effective in removing oil to purify and clarify the scalp while still replenishing moisture levels in hair exfoliates scalp and removes flaking and dryness gently cleans down to the roots to remove excess sebum and build-up … Continue reading

Live Clean Spa Therapy Collection {REV!EW and G!VEAWAY}

It’s been a rather chaotic and busy fall around here so when this Live Clean package arrived at my door, I welcomed it with VERY open arms! A chance for some pampering, I’ll take it! The Live Clean Spa Therapy Collection consists of: Spa Therapy Dead Sea Salts Spa Therapy Body Butter Spa Therapy Body Lotion Spa Therapy Body Scrub Spa Therapy Body Wash Spa Therapy Foam Bath As always, I feel good knowing that these Live Clean products are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Diethanolamine, parabens, phthaltes and other harsh chemicals for our bodies. My absolutely favourite products from … Continue reading