Norwex Hooded Baby Bath Towel

This post was written by Alison, a new Mom.
Being a first time Mom I have been so lucky to have received so many wonderful gifts. We have been given over ten different bath wrap/towels for our daughter and I happily have been cycling through a different one each week to find the one that our daughter and I like best. I have to admit that I am often drawn to patterns and colours before considering the practical aspect of a product.

I was recently given a Norwex Baby Hooded Towel Set and was excited to wash and use it for bath time. It washed very well and dried keeping its shape and soft texture and thickness.

Our daughter loves her bath time but often cries within minutes of being placed in the towel. Upon placing her in the Norwex Bath Towel, she was immediately cozy and warm as it is much thicker and softer than any of the other towels that we have. It is also a generous size and was easy to wrap around her while I transported her to get her pjs on. The hooded portion, in particular, stayed on her head and fit her very well. She didn’t peep! I even lay her on her change table and kept her swaddled in it for a while. She cooed and smiled when normally she would be hollering to be free of her towel and in her warm pajamas.

I am very pleased with this towel and on top of the positive qualities listed already, I really like knowing that as it hangs on the hook ready for our next bath time experience, that there will be no bacterial growth or mould forming due to the antibac properties of the material used to make the towel.

What a neat and practical product. I do wish it came in different colours! 😉

Product Information:
80 cm x 80 cm Hooded Towel
31 cm x 31 cm Face Cloth
Colour: Green
2-year warranty
Price: $37.99

Notes from MultiTestingMom:
This hooded towel/face cloth set has got to the softest, best quality baby set I’ve ever come across! The absorbency is incredible and like Alison, I LOVE the antibac qualities that will leave this towel bacteria free and safe for baby!

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3 Responses to Norwex Hooded Baby Bath Towel

  1. Ms. Key says:

    I love Norwex products!!!

  2. Huguette En says:

    Sounds great, love things that are soft.

  3. Victoria S says:

    So handy and creative!

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