BOOK REVIEW: The Power of Your Child’s Imagination

When I was offered a review copy of the book The Power of Your Child’s Imagination by Charlotte Reznick, I was thrilled because I needed some new strategies under my belt to help my daughter through this challenging time in her life.

I am happy to say that I have gained strategies to use with her for this separation anxiety that she has been experiencing and then some.

This book deals with specific issues such as:

* Stress-induced headaches and stomach aches
* Phobias, panic attacks, and social anxiety
* Bed-wetting and sleepless nights
* Separation anxiety and fear of the unknown
* Coping with death, divorce, and other losses
* Hurt, frustration, and anger
* Trouble with school work and concentration
* Sibling rivalry and school-yard squabbles

It also deals with anxiety in a more general sense as well.

The goal of this book was to provide parents and children with the skills to survive in today’s difficult world. It uses a child’s great imagination to solve problems and to help put children at ease when things aren’t going so well.

After reading through this book, I was very eager to try out some of the strategies right away. I kept my book near by as it has excellent suggestions for how to put the strategies into action. My daughter soaked every single idea that I suggested. She has continued to bring up some of the strategies over and over again and the look on her face is amazing, a sense of happiness and calmness.

I highly recommend this book to any parent who has a child dealing with issues that they aren’t sure how to handle. Many of the techniques described in this book can be used to help children cope in a variety of situations.

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