Book Review: Baby Smarts

After studying my Bachelor’s Degree in Child Studies, I am especially interested in studies and discussion surrounding the early years and the importance of brain stimulation.

Apparently, a baby’s brain is 250% times more active than that of an adult, that is just crazy!

I am lucky in that I studied Child Studies, I’ve worked in daycares, I’ve done a ton of babysitting, I was a swim instructor, I taught piano to children and I taught Kindergarten. I’ve had many opportunities to learn games, songs, poems, etc. to do with young children.

Having said that, I found that the book called Baby Smarts by Jackie Silberg is an excellent book and I gained many ideas from her.

One of the great things about this book is that the suggested activities are simple and require few, if any, tools or props. She suggests using objects that are commonly found around the house. All you need is the book and your baby and you are ready to go.

The book is a very easy read and is set up by age group, so it is simple to flip to the section that pertains to your child. The book is intended for parents of children aged 0-12 months.

I also like the fact that Silberg has included some baby signs to use during play with your baby. I’m a huge advocate of baby sign language. We have taught both our children baby signs and it has helped us on many occasions.

Each chapter begins with developmental milestones in the areas of Physical Development, Social-Emotional Development and Intellectual Development for the given age. It then goes on to suggest activities and games for that age group, under the three specific developmental areas.

Jackie Silberg’s book was recently awarded two prestigious parenting awards, the iParenting Award and the National Parenting Publications Gold Award. It would make an excellent baby shower gift for parents to be!

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