Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

It’s no secret that I’m a coffee lover myself and happen to have quite a few friends who are coffee lovers as well! This led me to do a search on Amazon to see what unique gift ideas existed for people who enjoy a good cup of coffee (on a regular basis) and I was pleasantly surprised to learn that there are quite a few options.

While a coffee lover always enjoys to receive a
gift card to their favourite coffee place,
there are so many other options to consider.

Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

Metal Coffee Lovers Signs

– a wonderful addition to your kitchen!

For the Gilmore Girls fans AND Coffee lovers

Coffee Colouring Books

a relaxing activity to do while enjoying your Saturday morning coffee.

Coffee Cup Key Chain

a great, little stocking stuffer

When all else fails, invite your coffee loving friend over for a hot cuppa java and some coffee cake! One of my favourite coffee cakes is this Blueberry Coffee Cake with Maple Glaze. Do you have a favourite?

By the way, did you know that this Sunday, October 1st is International Coffee Day?
A great excuse to celebrate!
Coffee lovers unite.

What is your favourite way to enjoy a hot cup of coffee?

As always, full disclosure is extremely important to me. I am an Amazon Affiliate. Amazon is a convenient way to do your online shopping from the convenience of your own home. If FREE SHIPPING is important to you, be sure to check out Amazon Prime as an opportunity.

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4 Responses to Gift Ideas for Coffee Lovers

  1. loriag says:

    I love the coffee lovers key chain.

  2. kathy downey says:

    Thanks for the neat gift ideas,all my friends are coffee lovers!

  3. dmhaen says:

    Love the Gilmore coffee mug!

  4. kathy downey says:

    My sister would love the signs and that cake since she don’t bake !

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