Pantene Pro-V Fine Hair Solutions and

Medium-Thick Hair Style Spray (Heat Protection and Shine)

Pantene’s innovative heat protection spray formula features micro-polymers that form a protective film around strands to help shield strands against heat damage from styling. The formula helps reduce friction, enhancing style-ability and providing a lustrous shine. Pantene’s Heat Protection & Shine Spray prepares hair for blow drying, flat-ironing or curling. ~information taken directly from

Here’s the funny thing about this product! I really wanted to try it out because I like to straighten my hair with a hair straightener and I know how bad they can damage your hair, especially in the winter months. However, I couldn’t get the pump part to work on the bottle! I was super excited that it wasn’t an aerosol spray bottle, but whether it was me or flaw in the design of the nozzle itself, it broke in my hands and I ended up having to recycle the bottle. This made me very bummed because not only did I waste the product, but I also wasn’t able to use it 🙁

Fine Hair Solutions (Dry to Moisturized) Shampoo (lightweight moisturizers help repair damage)

Pantene’s moisturizing shampoo has a cleaning formula that deposits liquid crystal technology onto the hair cuticle. Weightless conditioning helps repair damage, revealing your light, bouncy, revitalized hair. ~information taken directly from

For me, as long as shampoo smells decent (which this one did) and it lathers well (which this one did), I am not that particular about which type of shampoo I use. I liked Pantene Pro-V shampoos and I’m sure that the shampoo does what it says it does, but honestly I don’t tend to notice too much of a difference with my hair whether I use a $40 bottle of shampoo or a $3 bottle. Do you? I’m curious if I’m the only freak out there! Maybe I’ve always picked out the right shampoos and I would notice if I used the wrong one. I do have fine hair so these shampoos were the right kind for my hair type!

Fine Hair Solutions (Flat to Volume) Shampoo (Lightweight system boosts hair for all day volume)

Pantene’s customized formula works to remove oil, which weighs fine hair down. Micro-boosters add rigidity and firmness to prepare fine hair’s structure to hold voluminous styles all day. ~information taken directly from

I like the fact that Pantene Pro-V has colour coded their hair products by hair type (Colour Hair Solutions, Fine Hair Solutions, Med-Thick Hair Solutions, Curly Hair Series, Classic Care, Nature Fusion and Restore Beautiful Lengths). This makes finding the product that is right for you so much easier. This colour coded system is carried throughout the shampoos, conditioners,styling products and hair treatments.

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