Beautiful, Charming and Personalized Necklaces from @OrigamiOwl22 {#GIVEAWAY}

Nora from Origami Owl made me a necklace so that I could share how incredibly amazing they are! I’m not kidding when I say that I was smiling ear to ear every time I looked down at my beautiful new necklace all day on my birthday. That’s right, the package even arrived on my birthday! The charms that are in my necklace are the following: a silver family heart a silver Mom Plate a computer (can you guess why?!) a coffee cup cowgirl boots (I love to line dance) a blue accent stone a blue antique pearl dangle I sent … Continue reading

It’s Holiday Time with @ShoppersDrugmart #giftsmadeeasy

It is that time of year again, when many of us start to think about gift giving for the upcoming holiday season! I don’t know about you, but I have gifts to purchase for friends and family members including babies, children, adults and older adults; a wide variety of people. I also assist some family members with their shopping, which means that I truly do have a long list. For me, it is very important that I select the perfect gifts for everyone on my list, but it is also about doing it in a time effective manner. The holiday … Continue reading

Find Gift Ideas at the @ooak_toronto Show Nov. 28 – Dec. 8

Every year, the One of a Kind Show comes to Toronto and thousands of people flood the Direct Energy Building in Toronto to be a part of a show that is magical, fun and a place for one stop shopping for the holidays! I love attending the One of a Kind Show as it really helps to put me in the Holiday spirit and I love to see all of the hand made products and the amazing talents that exist! There are literally gifts for every member of your family and all of your friends at the show. I often … Continue reading

Start a Fun Family Holiday Tradition with Simply Fun Families Christmas Kit! {#GIVEAWAY}

Start a NEW family tradtition with Simply Fun Families Christmas Activity Kit! I know my family has a surprise coming on December 1st when I break out our new “25 Days of Christmas” kit. This adorable kit comes in a tin and is printed on thick card stock in order to be re-used year after year. I only hope that next year, some blank cards will be available for purchase, as I have a feeling that we will brainstorm many more fun activities that could be part of our personalized kit for next year. What is the “25 Days of … Continue reading

Holiday Shopping Made Easy with the *NEW* @ChaptersIndigo App

I have owned an iPhone for just over a year now and it has literally become my life, but one thing that I haven’t typically done is online shopping. I tend to enjoy my computer for that as it has a larger viewing screen. However…… Indigo has changed my views on iPhone shopping! I was asked to review the new Indigo App recently and am I ever glad that I had the opportunity. I decided to do some Holiday Shopping and after a lot of browsing, I finally decided on picking up Monster’s University on Blu-ray/DVD for my son and … Continue reading

DIY Microwavable Bean Bag ~ Back to School Teacher Gift

What seems like many moons ago, but in reality it was only 8 years ago, I was at the receiving end at school. I was a Kindergarten teacher, accepting (and prying) my students from their parents into my classroom. My heart still goes out to the Kindergarten teachers, the children AND the parents because I have been on all sides of the situation and none of them are easy. I also still remember the feeling of a completely exhausted body after the first day of school. You see, I spent a physically labour intensive week leading up to the first … Continue reading

Dad’s Deserve Some Props Too! {GIFT SUGGESTIONS}

I just had a conversation with my hubby last weekend about how I felt Dads deserve many more props than they get. There are so many stereotypes out there for different kinds of people and I’ve never been one to refer to them (at least, I try very hard not to) because for every “x” people that fall into that category, there are “y” people that don’t and those stereotypes can hurt! Lately, my ears have been perked up to several different conversations about Dads. These conversations are between women complaining about their husbands, dance moms talking about dance dads, … Continue reading

Great Gift Idea for the Mom Who Has Everything from @AmazingClubs has the largest variety of subscriptions I’ve ever seen! Here is their amazing list to choose from: List of ClubsBBQ Sauce ClubBeer ClubBreakfast ClubChocolate ClubCoffee ClubHot Sauce ClubJam and Jelly ClubJerky ClubOlive Oil ClubPasta ClubPeanut Butter ClubPB & J ClubSalsa ClubTea ClubWine ClubVariety ClubGift Certificates I have been receiving the Wine Club for the past couple of months and I can’t tell you how excited I’ve been every time the box arrives on my doorstep! I won’t lie- I have cracked into the first bottle the very same day that the package was delivered! I enjoy reading the enclosed … Continue reading

Shop For Beautiful Things This Mother’s Day at @ShopprsDrugMart #CelebrateMom #SheBlogs

Last night, while out with a friend of mine, I stopped in at a Shoppers Drug Mart to check out their Mother’s Day gift ideas. I’m always so impressed with the entrance displays at Shoppers Drug Mart stores! There is always something that catches my eye immediately when I enter into one of their stores. Why is that?Likely because I enjoy observing things like beautiful displays and new products? Fragrances, make up and colourful displays are so lovely to check out! As an aside, I must mention how lovely it is to always be greeted so nicely every single time … Continue reading

Give an Elegant, Stylish and Functional Mother’s Day Gift from Parker Pens {G!VEAWAY}

Back in December, I shared with you the story about my special Parker Pen when I was a child. That special silver pen is a memory that I will carry with me always and now, I have a new Parker Pen which I am so excited about as I do miss my old pen. Somewhere along the way, it got misplaced for good, which makes me so sad because I know if I had it today, it would still be going strong! I received a Classic Metallic Pink Lacquer with a Satin Finish Parker IM Pen to review recently and … Continue reading