3 Step EASY Homemade Name Cards

Homemade Name Cards

A holiday table for entertaining is not complete, in my opinion, without homemade name cards! You and your kids can whip up these cards for every guest within minutes while using your creativity and personalizing them along the way. We used Seal-It Glitter tape to jazz up these place cards. See how easy it is to rip in the video below: Make these homemade name cards in minutes: Cut name cards out of cardstock and fold. Decorate with Seal It! Glitter tape. Write name. Optional: You can tie a ribbon or piece of twine around the card for a slightly … Continue reading

EASY DIY Microwavable Beanbags with @CamelotFabrics {Sewing Craft} {Gift Idea}

Last Spring, my daughter and I took a Mommy/daughter introduction class to sewing. I have always wanted to sew and after taking this class, I was completely inspired to learn how to sew. I don’t ever envision myself cutting out patterns and sewing complex projects, but it sure is handy to know how to sew to repair ripped material and to make simple projects. My first (and so far my only) project was to figure out how to sew a Microwavable Beanbag. My first attempt was at the end of the summer when my daughter and I decided to make … Continue reading

DIY Microwavable Bean Bag ~ Back to School Teacher Gift

What seems like many moons ago, but in reality it was only 8 years ago, I was at the receiving end at school. I was a Kindergarten teacher, accepting (and prying) my students from their parents into my classroom. My heart still goes out to the Kindergarten teachers, the children AND the parents because I have been on all sides of the situation and none of them are easy. I also still remember the feeling of a completely exhausted body after the first day of school. You see, I spent a physically labour intensive week leading up to the first … Continue reading