Shop For Beautiful Things This Mother’s Day at @ShopprsDrugMart #CelebrateMom #SheBlogs

Shoppers Drug Mart Mother's Day

Last night, while out with a friend of mine, I stopped in at a Shoppers Drug Mart to check out their Mother’s Day gift ideas. I’m always so impressed with the entrance displays at Shoppers Drug Mart stores! There is always something that catches my eye immediately when I enter into one of their stores.

Why is that?

Likely because I enjoy observing things like beautiful displays and new products? Fragrances, make up and colourful displays are so lovely to check out!

As an aside, I must mention how lovely it is to always be greeted so nicely every single time I visit a Shoppers Drug Mart, which is not something that happens everywhere you go.

I remember when I was growing up, we had a Shoppers Drug Mart at the end of our street. That was my “go to place” whenever I had to buy a gift for my Mom because she would always mention how beautiful their gift display was when you entered their store. I was always guaranteed to find a gift for my Mom there and I still am.

Nail Polish for Mother's Day from Shoppers Drug Mart

One item that caught my eye is the Essie Nail Lacquer (13.5ml, $11.99) in Mint Candy Apple colour. It is such a fresh looking colour and I know that Nail Lacquer lasts on your nails a long time.

Not only do I like to check out the Beauty section, but the magazine display is always eye-catching too. For this upcoming Mother’s Day, why not pick up Mom’s favourite magazine and a delicious treat to enjoy along with a card that encourages Mom to take some “me time”? Wouldn’t that make a lovely gift?

Do you know a Mom with young children who wouldn’t want to be encouraged to take a bit of R&R “me time”? For me, I always appreciate it when my hubby offers me the opportunity to take an hour for myself. As a Stay at Home Mom and a Work at Home Mom, I am surrounded by Mom and home things 24/7 so the opportunity to take some time out for me is a very appealing one!

While you are visiting Shoppers Drug Mart, looking for Mother’s Day gift ideas, remember that there are opportunities for added value for gift giving through Gift Sets and Gift with Purchase opportunities. One of the current Gift with Purchase options comes with the Givenchy Dahlia Noir, Eau de Toilette Spray (75ml, $92). When you purchase any large size spray (75ml or more) from the Givenchy Fragrance collection you will receive a couture-inspired tote bag as your FREE Gift. See store for details

Shoppers Drug Mart Mother's Day

With a wide variety of brands available from Chanel to Clinique and even exclusive Shoppers brands like Quo and Gosh, there is definitely something that appeals to every woman and Mom out there.

You get 20X Optimum Points for Cosmetics purchases made between May 4th and May 10th!

Shoppers Drug Mart Mother's Day

What has been your favourite Mother’s Day gift so far?

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11 Responses to Shop For Beautiful Things This Mother’s Day at @ShopprsDrugMart #CelebrateMom #SheBlogs

  1. Sydney Bows says:

    I love the shopper’s beauty department. It feels more like a department store than a drugstore.

  2. Shannon L says:

    I love all the choices I have at SDM. The best Mothers Day gifts I have received are the homemade ones from my girls. 🙂 My husband is a great gift giver so all his gifts are awesome!

  3. mamawee says:

    I love shoppers! They have great gift ideas and you can also pick up just about anything you might need! My favorite mothers day gift was actually the first time my ODS told me he loved me. Best gift I could have received!

  4. Shoppers is just awesome! I went and picked up the Essie Nail Lacquer last night, it looks so cute on my toes! LOL ….I plan on wearing it on Mother’s Day.

  5. Shoppers is my go-to-place as well!!! I would love spa products for Mother’s Day…great gift idea!

  6. NPC says:

    We love Shoppers, I do especially, for the fragrances and make-up, I am guilty as charged!

  7. I used to work right across the street from a SDM, I used to spend at least a couple lunch hours there each week!

  8. Canadian Dad says:

    I can’t say I have ever received a Mother’s Day present, lol, but I do all of my card shopping at SDM. It always has an excellent selection of bag stuffers too. They are also the only place I can think of where I can still get a Lime Crush, my favourite!

  9. I too appreciate the nice greeting that I always receive. Those nail polish colours are perfect and just in time for this lovely summer weather we’ve been having.

    My Mother will definitely be getting something from SDM this year. It’s her favourite store and it really has everything including milk, eggs and bread!

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  10. Victoria S says:

    My mother is so hard to shop for — she’s adamant that she doesn’t need anything, and doesn’t hesitate to tell us that when she opens gifts! The best gifts for her have always been the gift of spending time together. like taking her out for dinner, or taking her to the spa.

    Victoria Ess

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