6 Mindful Tips for a Better Child Parent Relationship: The Relationship of Aging

Today, Sophie Turner from Brazen & Co. shares with us her perspective on the relationship of aging as well as… 6 Mindful Tips for a Better Child Parent Relationship Watching your children grow can be so rewarding. Knowing you’ve helped develop sociable, helpful and thoughtful little human beings, who will one day grow up and become whatever they dream to be… just warms the heart. Watching your parent’s age – well, that triggers completely different emotions. Not once did it ever cross my mind when I was a child what it would be like when Mom and Dad got older. … Continue reading

Natural Body and Bum Spray by luvchild

bum and body spray

Even when I was a child I remember not like getting my hands dirty. My Mom blames it on the “first child syndrome”, but whatever the case may be, when I became a Mom and had to use diaper creams etc. on my babies, I had to wash my hands immediately to get the sticky residue off. I was so excited to learn of a new body and bum spray for babies recently because it meant that Moms like me who like to keep their hands clean can simply spray their baby’s bottom at the end of a diaper change … Continue reading

Winter Car Seat Cover from Petit Coulou

car seat cover

While at the BabyTime Show this past November, I was introduced to some brands and products that I had never seen before. One amazing product that I came across was the winter car seat cover by Petit Coulou. To me, the most impressive feature of the winter car seat cover from Petit Coulou is the lateral rods that reinforce the structure and therefore avoids a sagging cover over top of your baby. More features of the winter car seat cover: Water repellent fabric protects infants from harsh weather. Snowsuit not required, this protective car seat cover for infants protects from … Continue reading

Will I See YOU at the Babytime Show Nov 6-8?

BabyTime Show Ticket Giveaway

To read more information about this year’s show, visit my post from last week where I share some of the special show features and specifics. This show is for you if you love babies (and everything baby), are pregnant, are a new Mom, are a Mom to a baby or are looking for gift ideas for babies. I just love babies and everything baby, so I love to attend this show every season to learn all about the latest and greatest baby gears, products and services. babytime Show Ticket Giveaway! Prize: TWO pairs of babytime Show tickets Giveaway Open to: … Continue reading

It’s a BabyTime Show Twitter Party! {PRIZES}

babytime show twitter party

As you MUST know by now, I LOVE babies and anything to do with babies! I love holding babies, changing baby diapers, feeding babies, you name it! It must be no surprise to you then, that I LOVE attending the babytime show. To kick off the festivities, you are welcome to join me this Thursday night at 9pm ET at a @BabyTimeShows Twitter Party! Follow the hashtag #BabyTime15 to learn more about the show and to have your chance at some amazing prizes! There is no RSVP required, just join in the fun on Thursday night. This year, at the … Continue reading

The Excitement of Star Wars Force Friday

Star Wars Force Friday

If I were to tell you that we have some pretty serious Star Wars fans in our household, it would definitely be an understatement. Star Wars plays a part in our daily lives around here as hubby, the kids AND I all have the Topps Star Wars Card Trader App and we chase and trade cards on a daily basis. SO, when I was invited to attend the LIVE Star Wars: The Force Awakens unboxing event to kick off Fan Expo in Toronto, I definitely had some eager people who wanted to attend with me. This event spanned from Sydney … Continue reading

5 Amazing Ways to Help Baby Sleep {Giveaway}

sleeping baby

YES! You will notice that all five suggestions to help baby sleep have one thing in common: a Zippy! This is NOT an exaggeration at all, every new parent MUST HAVE at least one ZipadeeZip in their collection right from the start because you never know when your baby is going to have difficulty getting to sleep OR staying asleep and this amazing contraption will HELP! 5 Amazing Ways to Help Baby Sleep: Swaddle Baby – Once your baby has moved past the swaddling stage OR if they wrestle out of their swaddle night after night, the ZipadeepZip aids the … Continue reading

Tips for a Family Game Day on a Rainy Day {Giveaway}

Mattel Family Games

There are many fun activities to do on a rainy day, but one favourite amongst many families is to have a Family Game Day! Pop some popcorn, clear off the dining room or kitchen table and play some of your favourite games together. Here are some helpful tips to make your Family Game Day a great success: Prepare Your Space – Transform your everyday living room into the ultimate game room! This can be as easy as ensuring there are enough cozy seats for everyone who is playing, turning on background music that is upbeat but not distracting and setting … Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Crafts, Clothing and MORE!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and because many of us struggle with what to give to our own Dads as well as the father of our children, I thought I would pull together some ideas for you to think about. Some Dads are simple and some Dads are so simple, it is impossible to come up with Father’s Day Gift Ideas for them. Which one do you have? If you have a Dad who takes pride in the way his car or bike looks, be sure to check out these amazing Car Wash Mitts and Car Polishing Cloths. They are … Continue reading

SALE EXTENDED: Save with Poster Jack for Father’s Day!

father's day gift ideas

LAST DAY Ends Wednesday at Midnight! Receive 30% off SITE WIDE at www.posterjack.ca Use CODE: Dad30 I find men so challenging to shop for, don’t you? I have a solution for you and you can save 30% off while you do it IF you complete it today. Here are some modern Acrylic Blocks and Wood Stand Prints that would make a perfect Father’s Day gift this year. Dad would be happy and proud to display some lovely photo art on his desk or in his man cave, don’t you think? One year, I took my kids to a local park … Continue reading