Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Crafts, Clothing and MORE!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and because many of us struggle with what to give to our own Dads as well as the father of our children, I thought I would pull together some ideas for you to think about.

Some Dads are simple and some Dads are so simple, it is impossible to come up with Father’s Day Gift Ideas for them.

Which one do you have?

If you have a Dad who takes pride in the way his car or bike looks, be sure to check out these amazing Car Wash Mitts and Car Polishing Cloths. They are used just with water which makes them super easy to use AND they are better for the environment as you aren’t putting car cleaners and soaps down the sewer. This also makes cleaning the car a job that Daddy and kids can do together as it is safe for children too.

Perhaps your Dad wears beautiful leather shoes that he takes pride in keeping shiny and new! Leather Shine is an amazing product that naturally cleans, restores and beautifies all of your leathers without the use of man-made waxes or harmful chemicals.
Father's Day Gift Ideas

Marks for men’s clothing is a great place to look for gift ideas for Dad! They have many great quality clothing options, but they also have a lot of accessories for the gadget lover! I could spend hours in Marks looking for myself for gift ideas for hubby!

For those of you who are on a tight budget OR who enjoy making things by hand, my hubby absolutely LOVES his homemade microwavable beanbag. After a long day of work, he heats it up for a few minutes in the microwave and it helps him to relax. These are so popular in our house that every family member has at least one, if not TWO of these easy to make beanbags.

And if you are looking for ideas that younger children can make for their Daddies, I’ve got you covered there too. Here are some craft ideas for Father’s Day that they will enjoy:

Do you have any other Father’s Day Gift ideas that you would like to share with us? Feel free to comment below! There is never such thing as too many ideas.

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16 Responses to Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Crafts, Clothing and MORE!

  1. Heidi C. says:

    These are some fun ideas that my kids and I can work on together!

  2. Rogue_Femme says:

    Love the microwavable bean bag idea… My Dad is getting on in years and these days complaining about aches and pains. Thanks!

  3. Dixie says:

    I always take my dad out for a night out either at the restaurant or go for a drive at the camp.. it’s hard to buy or make gifts for parents because it sometimes seems as they have everything they want or need, but one thing they never get enough of is quality time with the kids 🙂

  4. Darlene Schuller says:

    Some pretty neat ideas & suggestions!! Thank you

  5. kristen visser says:

    oh i love the photography fathers day ideas!! weekend project : )

  6. Wanda Tracey says:

    Thank you for putting out here the great ideas.They really help and it was nice of you!

  7. elizamatt says:

    some really good ideas here, I especially like the homemade microwavable beanbag 🙂

  8. Samantha Keen says:

    I love all these dad ideas!

  9. Sherry Altoft says:

    I never thought of car wash mitts for Father’s Day 🙂

  10. Louanne B says:

    My hubby is usually the one who washes both cars; he’s so sweet. The car mitts are a great idea for him. Thank you.

  11. Jeanette Jackson says:

    Great ideas. Thank you for the suggestions.

  12. Donna Snugglebuns Dufresne says:

    awesome ideas thank you for sharing

  13. MrDPrize says:

    great post for those in need of ideas

  14. kristen visser says:

    awesome ideas!! i love the FATHER’S DAY WOOD PRINT ART !

  15. kathy downey says:

    Those are neat,thanks for sharing! FATHER’S DAY CARD WITH HOMEMADE STAMPERS looks great

  16. elizamatt says:

    some very nice ideas here for Father’s Day gifts. I, unfortunately don’t need to get or make any. My father passed away a long time ago and I still tear up when I think of him, he was such a lovely man. 🙂

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