A Visit to the Scenic Caves in Collingwood

Scenic Caves

One of my favourite memories is visiting the Scenic Caves in Collingwood with my mom, brother and sister when I was about 14. I loved everything about it, so much to do and explore it truly was a memorable time. I enjoyed it so much that I knew I had to take my boys to experience it also and thanks to Amanda (Multi-Testing Mommy) I was able to do that. So for those of you who don’t know, The Scenic Caves are located in Collingwood about 1.5 hours away from Toronto. It is a “self-guided” tour through 13 various caves … Continue reading

Outdoor Water Play This Summer

Nerf water Fun

Yes, we are all starting to feel the wind down of summer starting, but there is still plenty of time to have outdoor water play! Outdoor water play is a popular summer time activity with kids! You don’t need to have a pool or even a sprinkler to enjoy outdoor water play on a hot summer day. This summer, my children have been playing with a Nerf Super Soaker and a Nerf Rebelle and they have had a blast! With the “no spraying people’s faces” and “only spray someone if they are consenting to participate in the outdoor water play” … Continue reading

4-in-1 Touch Steering SmarTrike Review


I had the opportunity to experience and review the 4-in-1 Touch Steering Chic tricycle with my 2-year-old son, and we have become huge fans. Given his age and independent spirit, we skipped directly to Stage Three (the learn to pedal stage). When our box arrived, my son was over the moon to put together his treat. As the baby in the family, he’s used to quite a few hand-me-downs, and this trike was ALL for him, so he was giddy with excitement. While he was excited, I was a bit nervous. Was I going to be able to put this … Continue reading

Keep Your Kids Busy This Summer with These Activities! #ArtsyPlay {LINKY}


For children, summertime is typically the most fun time of the year! The weather is good (most of the time) and they get to play outdoors A LOT! I am a HUGE believer in letting children play by using their imaginations and just having good, old fun. BUT… Sometimes children come to you muttering those terrible words “I’m bored” and then what? That is what Artsy Play Wednesday is for. Use it as a resource to pin and bookmark some activities that you would like to try out with your children this summer. We’ve got some amazing and FUN Summer … Continue reading

A List of Outdoor Activities for Kids ~ #ArtsyPlay {LINKY}

Outdoor Activities

With the weather getting warmer, we are finding ourselves enjoying the outdoors more and more! We have compiled a list of some fun outdoor activities for kids in order to have some extra fun during these warm weather months. 1. Capri + 3 – 5 Simple Bubble Solution Recipes 2. Life with Moore Babies – Musical Sidewalk 3. JDaniel4’s Mom – Patriotic Wind Sock 4. Life with Moore Babies – Colorful Ants 5. Artsy Momma – Water Balloon Games 6. Multi-Testing Mommy – Bubble Fun 7. Crafty Journal – DIY Foam Flyers 8. Raising Wild Ones – Rainbow Pinwheel 9. … Continue reading

Frozen Bubbles Outdoor Activity for Kids

This winter has been an abnormally cold one here in Ontario. Because of this, the kids have not had the same opportunities to play outside in the snow as they typically do during the winter months. One particularly cold day, I noticed a friend’s status on Facebook, sharing these BEAUTIFUL frozen bubbles that she made with her kids that day. We talked back and forth and she shared that it took her a few tries before she perfected the recipe. For the recipe for Outdoor Frozen Bubbles, visit Science4MyKids.com. Here are My Notes:In order for this activity to work, it … Continue reading