Outdoor Water Play This Summer

Yes, we are all starting to feel the wind down of summer starting, but there is still plenty of time to have outdoor water play!

Outdoor water play is a popular summer time activity with kids!

You don’t need to have a pool or even a sprinkler to enjoy outdoor water play on a hot summer day. This summer, my children have been playing with a Nerf Super Soaker and a Nerf Rebelle and they have had a blast!
Nerf water Fun
With the “no spraying people’s faces” and “only spray someone if they are consenting to participate in the outdoor water play” rules in effect, the kids have enjoyed spraying eachother, trying to write words on our brick wall with water and washing the new vehicle that we got at the beginning of the summer.

I fill up a HUGE bin with water and they can refill their Super Soaker and Rebelle independently, which has been great! The Super Soaker holds a lot more water than the Rebelle, which makes it a bit heavier to hold, but also more ideal for my 5 year old son who doesn’t enjoy the re-fill aspect of water play.

My daughter took Archery lessons at camp this summer and she was able to practice her aim with her Nerf Rebelle.

While the Nerf Rebelle has been branded towards girls, my son enjoys having a turn playing with it, just the same as my daughter enjoys using her brother’s Super Soaker.

What outdoor water play activities have your children enjoyed this summer?

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