Who Squashed the Snowmen? {Wordless Wednesday} #WW {LINKY}

In the snow storm last week, the kids DESPERATELY wanted to make a snowman – this is what they came up with using NON-PACKING snow!

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3 Responses to Who Squashed the Snowmen? {Wordless Wednesday} #WW {LINKY}

  1. Our children loved building snowmen, but that was a rare occasion around here. Knoxville, TN doesn’t get a lot of the white fluff. This winter has been the snowiest one we’ve had in many years. Not a lot of accumulation, but still it’s around and today’s forecast is calling for several inches. I’m ready for spring, though! Happy WW!

  2. OlderMommyStill says:

    How priceless are those little snowmen, they tried so hard!

  3. Victoria Ess says:

    Those are quite creative!

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