An Educational Snow Day! {Wordless Wednesday} #WW

We’re sorting coloured marshmallows after going outside to play in the snow! More Educataional Ideas for a Snow Day:Build a snowmanPlay a gameDo a puzzlePlay with playdoughBakePut on a Puppet ShowPlay restaurant For more great ideas, visit our Artsy Play Wednesday Link-Up post today for more great educational ideas like How to Make a Soap Painting Sensory Bin! If you don’t see a Disqus comment form at the bottom of the post, please use the button F5 to refresh your page! Email us if you are still having trouble.

A Supportive Sister #WW {Wordless Wednesday}

This morning, our routine was shifted slightly. Due to the strong need for routine and the fact that my son was tired, he had a meltdown when he realized that he had yet to brush his teeth. My daughter immediately ran upstairs and put this together and helped him brush his teeth. He was smiling by the time they were done. I really appreciated her support this morning as I am quite under the weather! What a sweetheart. I’m a lucky Mommy. What have your children done lately that have made your proud?