Learn How to Stretch

Thank you to Jen Wende of Jen Wende BREATH | MOVE | CONNECT for this valuable information. This post was accepted on Multi-Testing Mommy due to its pure value to you. I have participated in many of Jen’s programs and highly recommend her as a valuable resource in the area of self care and well being. Jen is going to walk us through how to learn how to stretch. This may seem like such a simple task, but I ask you…do you stretch and move enough?

Learn how to stretch

Think about how you spend your day. How many hours are spent in stillness? Meaning how much time are you in a car, in front of a computer ,TV, or simply sitting? I’m guessing it is the majority of your day. On average we spend an average of 10 or more of our waking hours sedentary. Eeek!

The effects of a sedentary life take their toll on the body. Ever feel stiff, achy, low energy, just kinda blah? Getting ourselves moving more often is an effective way to transform these issues. Now I know you may be saying, “Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard this before. Be more active go to the gym, blah, blah…”. Sure, that can work, but I want you to think smaller. Much smaller.

Learn how to stretchCan you remember when you were a kid, or just take a look at your kids now. Do children like to sit still? No! They are constantly in motion, it’s us adults that love to say, “sit still!” Unfortunately that great advice is not so great for us physically. So instead of thinking like an adult, I want you to start thinking like a kid again. Get those ants back in your pants! Shift in your seat, get up and stretch, get confused putting on your clothing and have to move your arms in different ways. Anything and everything to get you exploring more movement.

Children are the definition of vitality.

Mimic your kids spastic movements and start to feel how fun and uplifting it is.

Learn how to stretch!

To get you started with some structure with this challenge, start with the stretch test. Set an alarm for every hour. When the alarm goes off, stand up and stretch. You don’t have to do anything specific, just get up and move for 30 seconds. If you can’t stand up do shoulder rolls. Don’t think too hard about what movement to do, just start moving a little. At the end of the day, take note on how your body and mind feel in comparison to a day you didn’t move as much. I bet your stretch test results will be pretty enlightening.

Happy Moving!

Jen Wende

Ok Mamas…..Amanda here now!

I have worked with Jen Wende, I have MET Jen Wende and I love her to bits and pieces as a person and as a guide.

Jen has taught me so much about myself! Things that I didn’t even know I should know. With that knowledge, I can show up a better person, both inside and out for myself, my husband, my children, my family, my friends and all of YOU!

If you’re struggling with balance, taking care of yourself, sleep, hormones, emotions and more, I can’t say enough incredible things about Jen!


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